Monday, 8 April 2013

[Walkthrough]Kanata Nanami (Starry Sky in Spring)

-Walkthrough and CGs-

(Choosing the character)
1. Talk to Kanata
2. Talk to Kanata
3. Spend time relaxing in the courtyard
4. Defend Kanata
5. Rear garden
6. Courtyard
7. I want to talk about Virgo
8. Perhaps Jupiter
9. Kanata!
10. I'll ask Kanata
11. Photograph of astral body
12. Go to courtyard
13. Say "Aa~ah" to Kanata
14. Go to library
15. Don't leave Kanata
16. Talk to Kanata

(The bold one is the happy ending route)
Are you okay?
I'll absolutely never forget

This isn't like you!
You've always liked me?

I can't act like nothing happened
Don't say anything

But.. it feels real to me?
Are you treating me as your lover properly?



  1. Thank you so much for this walkthrough. (:
    I'm glad, the actual choices are pretty spoiler-free. But it would be good, if the pics were underneath a spoiler or something. I accidentally spoilered myself T-T

    1. hello ^^~
      you're welcome. :)
      hehehe. :D sorry about that.
      but i already put a sign spoiler alert in this blog. :D
      hope you enjoyed playing Starry Sky in Spring. ^^

  2. Thank you for the walkthrough~ The game was a lot of fun :)


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