Monday, 8 April 2013

[Walkthrough]Suzuya Tohzuki (Starry Sky in Spring)

-Walkthrough and CGs-

(Choosing the character)
1. Talk to Suzuya
2. Talk to Suzuya
3. I'm hungry, so i'll go to Cafetaria
4. Intervene between them
5. In front of the dorm
6. In front of the dorm
7. I want to talk about Leo
8. Maybe the Moon 
9. Suzuya, i guess?
10. I'll go alone
11. Planisphere
12. Go to the classroom
13. Say "Aa~ah" to Suzuya
14. I can't figure out what to do
15. Go to get Suzuya
16. Try talking with Suzuya

(The bold one is the happy ending route)

Suzuya.. you seem like a man
Suzuya you are really kind

i'm happy but.. i don't know if this is love
This isn't like you, Suzuya

You spoke too much in that smooth manner..
Nod approvingly



  1. Thank you for posting each of their walkthrough :D Suzuya is my favorite out of the 3 guys <3

    1. you're welcome ^^~ Suzuya isn't my favorite but i do love his personality. XD~

    2. I love him too, and this is the first game where I actually enjoyed all of the other guys routes even if they aren't my faves.

    3. hahahaha, yes ! i agree :3 i also enjoy all routes, >w< hopefully the other starry sky games translation are coming out. :D

  2. OMG~ Hi Bby! Hmmm *spaces out ಥ⌣ಥ ehmm... Can you tell me where to download this game from? Ive been trying to find a site that will ACTUALLY Download it & i fail... </3 *weeps and then my computer messes up. OTL Help me~ ONEGAI~ ಥДಥ Ahaa...

    1. hello Dayana. :)
      there are lots of website posting about this game.
      you could check it here.
      3 of these are working. :)
      don't forget to install the patch. ^^

    2. I'm so grateful~ thank you! But I'm so slow... at the same time... OTL how would I install the patch ? LOL, you reply sooo fast! Sorry for the trouble ! ^^'

    3. you're welcome ^^
      i think once you download the patch,
      just extract the patch .zip then put it inside Starry Sky folder. :)
      if you're still confuse, i think you can go to
      she post a steps to install patch. :3
      sorry i can't explain a lot to you, because it's too complicated. >w<
      hehe, i'm a bit free so i can take a look at the blog. :)
      it's okay ^^ you're not troubling me at all. :)

  3. Love Suzuya! His route was my favorite.
    Definitely adding him to my lengthy list of fictional husbands... ;-)

    1. hello anon ^^~
      glad that you love Suzuya and enjoyed the game~ XD
      hihi, sure you can add him :3


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