Monday, 8 April 2013

[Walkthrough]Yoh Tomoe (Starry Sky in Spring)

-Walkthrough and CGs-

(Choosing the character)
1. Talk to Yoh-kun
2. Talk to Yoh-kun
3. Study in the library
4. Defend Yoh
5. Rooftop garden
6. Rooftop garden
7. I want to talk about Ursa Major
8. Probably Saturn
9. Yoh-kun
10. I'll take Yoh-kun along with me
11. Binoculars
12. Go to Rooftop garden
13. Say "Aa~ah" to Yoh
14. Go for walk
15. Seek help from Yoh
16. I'll try to talk with Yoh-kun

(The bold one is the happy ending route)
Draw back
Become surprised

Yes. But, I still can't believe it yet
Isn't that obvious?

Thank you.. I understand
No way, so suddenly..

Vaguely Nod
Nod with smile



  1. thank you so much for this walkthrough =) I was able to complete the CGs and the memories. Bless you =D

    1. you're welcome yuri-sama. :3
      God bless you too XD~

  2. Hey can u tell me where can I download or get this app ?! pls!

  3. Thankyou,I was able to get all the cgs and yoh good ending :)
    Yoh is so adorbs and handsome >.<


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