Saturday, 27 April 2013

[update]Strawberry Picking Campaign (BMP for GREE)

Strawberry Picking campaign is up !
Isn't it exciting to pick strawberries on spring??
Hell yeah, but this is not an event guys.
This is just an campaign.
So, you will get short story with the princes, butlers and the other when you get the rewards
This campaign held on
24 April - 1 May

(yes i will if you're joining me.. kekeke~)

1. Get Berries
There are two ways to get berries to increase the point.
First, play the main story & win the Party
So, these are the rewards for playing the Main Story

2. Berry Points
In this campaign, you need to increase Berry Points to get rewards.
After you get Berries from party or main story,
you need to use the berries to increase the points.
Go to Campaign Page and you will find this.
Use the berries that you got. 

3. Rewards

5-230 Berry Points                                     240-500++ Berry Points

Happy Playing guys~

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