Wednesday, 11 September 2013

[update]Kiss of Revenge is out !

Kiss of Revenge - screenshot

Finally Kiss of Revenge is out !
here's the google play link : KOR
and here is my invite code: 3MO1P9p
and please tell me your invite code so i can use it. :3
Happy Playing gals !


  1. I wish I could play this for free :o

    1. hehehe, i wish the same
      so i can purchase another game. ;_;

  2. what a good story n nice music. I think i like Junpei more, haha. but Issei is cool too.
    so, must uninstalled since it's a paid version. haha

    1. yes. :3
      i think the story will be nice. >w<
      but for the music, i like 10 days with my devil more <3
      yes Melisa, issei is so cool. >w<
      haven't finish play his route. ;_;
      got lots of things to do. ;_;
      ahaha. >w< actually you can find video from youtube.
      i remember someone upload issei's route today. :3

    2. My code is: 92puc0Y Please use it if you haven't yet input a code :3

    3. hello Neiro-chan ^^~
      i added your invite code. :)

      P.S : sorry for the very late reply. i'm very busy. :(

  3. Hi there Azusa chan!^^ Im still playing 10 days with my devil, but I just downloaded this one and saw that thing about the roses, ill put ur code when I play it but I dont really understand... what is that for? ^-^' Thanks a bunch!!♥

    1. hi Miaru-chan ! ^^~
      ah yes, basically we have to collect 10 rose by invite people to use our code. :3
      when you collect all 10 rose, you will get a special picture.
      i think so..
      but voltage is clever, one person only can input one code.

    2. Wauu.. such a dirty trick! >×< that's gonna be tough for me U.U..
      Oh well ill focus on playing the main hostory.
      Thank you so much Azusa chan^^ You're a great help as always ♥

    3. hahaha, >w<
      i will post the picture here if i get one. :3
      yes, XD
      you're welcome Miaru-chan~
      happy playing ♥ !


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