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[AskAzu] Lumi: Tips for Playing Event (BMP for GREE)

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Answer :
hello Lumi-san ^^~
i will gladly to share some tips on how to progress fast during the event without using coins. :)
so, here is what i do during the event.

1. Use all Gacha Cards for Event.
i always do this because in BMP event they gave energy restoration items.
so keep spinning the Gacha, and wish for your luck. >w<
i spend all my gacha cards to get the energy restoration items. :D
anyway, i also got tons of posters. =_=
and in BMP, for certain number of you spin the gacha,
you will get Cruz. :)
and the important thing is,
if you get energy restoration, ONLY use it when they held L24H.
don't use it when it's not L24H because you will only waste it.

2. Prepare at least 20K++ Cruz
i also always prepare Cruz for for the mission.
why? because on each prince need 7500 Cruz
soo, at least you need to spend 45K Cruz.
20K++ Cruz is only for the first 3 princes (refer to early completion rewards)
so, in the progression, you can get lots of Cruz during the L24H.
or you also can sell the main story gacha item collection sheets to get the Cruz.

3. Partying like crazy during L24H
so, this is the basic rule for progressing fast during the event.
if it's L24H time, keep spinning the gacha & get the energy restoration items.
keep using the items, so you progress fast and get lots of Cruz.

4. Save items for next event.
so, my crucial tips is save items for the next event.
so later during next event you can have a good start. :)
after i finished the early completion mission,
usually i will stop to spend gacha cards.
i keep the gacha cards that i got from rewards of event missions.
(but still use the energy restoration items to get Cruz + LF during L24H)
so if you keep all gacha cards from 4th route - 12th route. (HE & NE)
in total at least you have 27000 GP can be spent on next event
(please bear in mind that you can have more or less)
and also i stop using the Love Letter (got from egacha)
if you get the early completion rewards, usually they have love letter 2K. (for previous events)
save those love letter for next event.
and when L24H ended, save the energy restoration items.
if until the event almost finish, you haven't finish the Happy Ending route.
don't worry, later they will held another L24H,
wait patiently & use all the energy items during last L24H.

5. Finish HE first
for me, i would like to finish all HE first,
why? to complete early completion rewards,
to get rewards from completing HE routes of 3 - 6 Princes.
then get the last rewards (BG)
and this is not only the reason why i planned to complete HE route first.
other reason is the required Total Love Factor.
every time you finished 1 route, the Total Love Factor requirement will become higher & higher.
fact is, the Total Love Factor req. for this event increase drastically.
the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Routes is still okay.
but when you get to 4th Route, BAM! it goes crazy~
so, here's the fact, for last event at the 3rd stage of 4th Prince Route,
the Total Love Factor Req is 68100
but for this event, the Total Love Factor Req is 
see how crazy it is? the difference from last event is 10K.

so the Total Love Factor Req difference goes this way :
1st Route = same req (increase 500, if i'm not wrong)
2nd Route = increase 2K
3rd Route = increase 5K
4th Route = increase 10K
and so on..
i'm afraid for the 5th Route it increase 20K and 6th Route increase 30K..
please don't~ ! i still have 6 routes haven't finish T_T
so, this is why i recommend to finish HE first..

6. Re-playing the NE route
last but not least,
this is what i always do during BMP event (it doesn't work on CD event)
when i finished all 12 routes (HE & NE)
so, with the helps from event mates, i keep re-playing the NE route.
1st. increase LF, 1 NE route increase 800LF
2nd. get all the gacha cards. :3
last event i can collect the 1K gacha card amount until 13++
so that means i re-played 3 - 4 NE story. :D

so yeah..
here's my tips or basically the rule that i always do during event.
hope this is helpful for you. :)
and it's not impossible to complete the event, Lumi-chan ^^~
fact is, i don't use coins to buy stuffs & others.
but at the moment i almost finish 4th Prince HE route. :)
so don't worry, you still can finish the event without using a dollar.
have a nice day and good luck with the event !

with love,


  1. Thank you so much for the tips, Azusa-chan! <3
    I have a better understanding on what to do for the next event now. ^^
    It's too bad we can't sell the posters... I have 11 pages worth of posters. orz
    Good luck to you and have fun!

    1. hello Lumi ^^~
      glad that you read this post. :3
      yes, i agree. the posters are annoying. =___=
      i also wish i can sell it.
      you too!
      good luck with the event ^^~
      have a nice day. :)


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