Monday, 16 September 2013

[random]though about Issei's and Shiki's story + Mizuki's story (KOR, 10DWMD,DN)

Hello gals~
sorry for the long posting-break.

anyway,  i just want to share some thought about games that i have been playing.
so, i finished Issei's route (Kiss of Revenge)
my review is..
i like the MC in Issei's route,
she is really tough and cool yet gloomy
Issei himself doesn't talk much, he's cool, mature and a responsible person.
he's a very deep person.
for the story, KOR's story is real and mature, in the same way it's really heart-breaking. ;_;
the BGM also very nice, i love it so far because it fits the story. :)

and i also finished Shiki's route (10 Days with My Devil)
for Shiki's route,
i also like the MC.
she's really caring yet firm.
Shiki's personality is mixed between Ren (MFW) and Shion (AKD)
he's laid-back person yet protective.
he doesn't talk much but he can be really honest with his feeling after all.
for the story, 10DWMD's story has sweet and light story-line.
for Shiki's story, i found it really reasonable, i love his story above all.
instead Subaru's story, MC's reason to live is somehow quite nonsense in my opinion.
and i love the BGM so much ! <3

Finally i find some Voltage's MC which is not clumsy & innocent.
(like MC in Yamato's route from MFW, i love Yamato, but the MC.. *sigh*)
I prefer strong and tough MC like Chris from The Second Reproduction. :)
she is the best MC that i could find until now.
and so far, i'm really satisfied with Issei's & Shiki's story. :3
 i'm waiting for Mirai's Proposal story for next. XD

and, i won't post the walkthrough for Isse & Shiki's route,
because there's no point, in the end you can choose to read both ending without replaying the route.
so, i will only post CGs and Letters for both route. :)
and of course i will post the special pictures of the Kiss of Revenge campaign.
so far i only get 2 pictures,
so please add my code, so i can get 5 pictures and post it here. ^^~
here's my invite code : 3MO1P9p

and.. for Destiny Ninja, i'm still playing Mizuki's route.
but.. i'm kinda lost. -.-
this is why i hate this kind of system. ;_;
but don't worry gals, 
i will continue the walkthrough until it finish. :)
and i will stop playing Destiny Ninja after i finish Mizuki's route.
i'm sorry, but too much game to handle. ;_;
because i'm focusing on Mike & Johannes from Forbidden Love,
so sometimes their stories got mixed up. ;_;
and another thing is, i got really busy with some stuffs in real life.
so.. sometimes i even don't have time to play game.
but i will try my best to update the blog. :)

anyway, thank you very much for the support gals~
i love you all ^^~

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