Friday, 6 September 2013

[update]New Stories Coming Up Next 11th September (Forbidden Love)

Big news guys !
M&A decided a new release date for next stories !
Mike 5th Story & Johannes 2nd Story will be out on September 11th.
Please wait for it ! :3

P.S : why suddenly there're bunch of updates? ;_; i wonder i should cry or smile..


  1. Replies
    1. hi Neiro-chan ^^~
      glad that you're happy.
      i hope i can be as happy as you are ;_;

    2. I guess you need catching up. Not that I blame you though, unlike me you are a patient saint :D. It's okay, just take it one step at a time :)

    3. yes. ;_;
      thank you very much for your help anyway. ;_;
      i will do my best to catch up.

    4. Don't worry Azusa..... i'm with you >w<
      so, ganbatte ne !!

      Hmm...maybe i'll stop McHenry story if Mike 5th story has been released.

    5. ahahah, thank you so much Riana. >w<
      you too ! ganbatte ! <3

      i think i will stop Mike if Johannes' 2nd story is out.
      if we stop, it means we have to play that route from beginning right? ;_;

    6.'re right. we have to play that route from the beginning. but for me it's not problem. I like Mike nii-san more than McHenry.

      I can't help it, because i've brother complex :P
      n of course i love all of my brothers, n getting jealous when they got girlfriend... lol

      btw, for all otome game in this blog where u must pay for some route, did i still need buy ticket or pay more in the middle of the story? or i just must pay to gettheir route for the first time?

    7. yes, you're right Riana. XD
      Mike's route is more interesting i guess. >w<
      ahahha. XD
      you're so cute. XD

      for the paid-version, you don't need to buy ticket or pay more. :3
      so it's only one time purchase, you purchase the main story and can play it everytime you want without need to wait for the story. ^^~
      it's good but quite pricey. >w<

  2. Okay, I will submit it here, the answer for Johannes second story:

    1. I want to but...

    -I have to say though, the darn Mc has been saying the same statement for, like 5 times or so in on scenario. It irritated me and at first, I chose a different answer, but I got 10LP, so I chose that, answer guess, what- 50LP *facepalm*. Silly, silly responses.

    1. i really can't say thank you enough..
      i'm sorry that i'm not helping at all with the walkthrough. ;_;
      i asked my friend to help me with the walkthrough.
      i hope she choose the answers wisely, ;_;
      anyway, thank you very much for your help.
      i really appreciate your hard work. ^^

      you have to know that sometimes otome game choices are ridiculous..
      i encountered many choices which is i think it's not the answer, but in fact it is.. =____=
      have a good night. :)

    2. Ooh, well good evening to you! I have more answers then for Johannes 2nd Story:

      2. Thank you
      3. I'm sorry too

      It's okay, btw, I wanted to do this so that other gamers can get their walkthough like how I was helped before too with your walkthroughs :D. I wouldn't have survived without your blog :D

    3. thank you as always, >w<
      ah yes. :3
      thanks to my friends who helped me with the walkthroughs. :3
      and of course to you and everyone who helped. >w<
      i'm glad that this blog is helping. :3


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