Monday, 16 September 2013

[extra]Shiki Kurobane Main Story's CGs and Letters (10 Days With My Devil)

Shiki's CG and Letter


Sudden contact
"can't.. breath.. i hate train"

Achoo !
"you aren't gonna wipe this up for me?"

In the changing room
"What are you--"

".. Shoot, you cry too much"

Kissing in bed
" it's hard to kiss when you're smiling"

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Story 8
Story 10
Story 13
Happy Ending
Normal Ending


  1. Oh well somehow I love the letter for the normal ending more then the one from the happy ending...expect the "I love you" part of course xD

    Hottie e.e

    1. ahahah yes !
      even the normal ending story is better than happy ending story. (in my opinion)
      Shiki's cuteness is overload Tamara-san.
      i can't handle it. XDDD

      P.S : sorry for the very late reply. i'm very busy. :(


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