Thursday, 20 February 2014

[update]It's Our Secret is out! (Accela Inc.)

thanks to Caro Lina for telling me this new game. :3
hehe~thanks a bunch dear! <3

so yeah, this game basically from the same company of Forbidden Love Jp. version.
and the story.. hmm.. yeah, maybe the prologue little bit same.
so this game is about relationship between MC and her step-brother.

It's Our Secret.DatingSims - screenshot

in the prologue, 
MC has 2 brothers (shown in the image above)
and at the moment, only Edward's route is available (up until 4th story)
*Edward is the guy in white

so yeah, like Forbidden Love.
you can get coins by sending an e-mail invitation
(up to 25 people and get around 2000 coins)

and you also can get coins by using invitation ID
basically just put your friend's ID and get 350 coins each.
(up to 5 people)
feel free to use my ID:
(idk why there're 5 ID.. ._.)

Link to the game:


  1. Aww you're welcome :3 I read the prologue and the theme is similar to forbidden love (by the brother and other things, I don't want to put spoiler (? haha), but as always a new free game is welcome ^. ^ because the games of Voltage don't work on my Android T^T My ID is: fte8695. Bye bye ^o^)/

    1. ikr! lol, but it's slightly different.. little bit. XD~ hehehe~
      hahaha, yeah, we shouldn't spoil this new game. XDD~
      kekeke~ i'm still thinking if i should play this game..
      since there're already so many free games, too much to handle. ;___;

      why? which version? non-gree or gree?
      anyway, i used your ID, hehe <3
      see you~

    2. I don't know :( the non-gree version, all the games say the same:


      Mobile Device Info samsung GT-S5301L.

      Error Info

      Third party software is acting on the emulator.

      Repair methods

      Please restart the app on a device without a prohibited third party app.

      Voltage don't love me -.-

    3. ehh? perhaps are you downloading it from other source other than play store?

    4. No no, I download everything from Play Store. It only happens with the games of Voltage non-gree

    5. hmm.. that's weird.. .__.
      have you contacted GREE and tell them about this problem?

    6. Yeah, but they didn't answer -.- I would buy the games but...anyway I hope they take out some other game for Gree, as they did with Be My Princess or MSB, one can always dream hahaha T^T

    7. Hey dear! speak in Spanish? Well...I think it's the size of the screen. voltage games need bigger screen (?

    8. @Caro Lina :
      aww, :( perhaps you should spam them, so they will reply your email. hahaha. XD~
      they already released Love Letter from Thief X, My Forged Wedding, & Seduced In The Sleepless City for GREE in jp. version actually. :3 hehe~ let's wait for the english version. XD~
      i hope they gonna release eng. version soon. :3

      @Seiji. yeah, i think it might be one of the problem, maybe her phone just doesn't support voltage games..

    9. @Caro Lina :
      did you rooted or modified your device"s ROM? because voltage gae won't running at rooted device. if i'm not wrong, based on the error info, it means rooted device. i have the same problem before i unrooted my gnote.

      @Azusa :
      I love Edward....i love everything about brother ;p
      about it's love point, will it be same with forbidden love?

    10. oh, i just know about this issue as i've never try rooting my device.
      ( i actually don't understand how it works, lol)
      maybe you should try to unroot your phone Caro Lina. :3

      @Riana :
      ahha, XD i see. XD~
      i think so, in FAQ they said it's same.
      the highest point is 50, 30 then 10.
      but just now i got 20.. =____="

    11. No no, point is 20, 10 or 5

    12. lol I have to unroot my phone -.-' thanks @Riana

      @Seiji: yes I speak spanish xD

      @Asano: I got 20 points too haha

      Thanks to all!!! :3 <3

    13. @Seiji:
      yeah! i just read the announcement today. XDD~
      thanks for pointing it out! XD

      @Caro Lina:
      ahaha~ means that's the right answer, :3 hihi~

    14. @Caro Lina
      I'm getting the same message too now. I changed my phone recently and I can't play a single game. Voltage is not responding. Did you find a solution to the issue?

  2. I like! (・w・)
    Kevin is a bad boy... hehe (。-`ω-)ンー

    1. ahaha, XD~ yes he is. XD~
      but currently his route is not available yet.
      ( i don't know if he's one of the available character)

    2. oh yeah, in the Japanese version is available.
      I'll be waiting! (。-`ω´-)

    3. hehe~ i'm waiting for it as well, :3

  3. 1-1
    1. What Daddy are you thinking? (20)
    3. What man of this house ... (10)
    2. Not a is willing to send me? ?(5)
    1. Was good for coming (20)
    2. Just a little bit ... (20)
    3. The fact that his team was in the married (20)
    2. Thank you (20)
    1. We have received, President (20)
    3. Believe Me (20)
    2. Also I'll get back (20)
    2. Thank you (20)
    3. No I have confidence (20?)
    2. I sexual harassment (5)
    2.  I'm the leader here (20)
    1.   I'll leave it to Mr. gentleman here (20)

    3.  Not run away from (20)
    2. I man full of confidence certainly (20)
    2. Debt hundreds of millions ...? (10)
    1. I'll heal (5)
    1. It's one role of wife (20)

    I translated japanese version choices in English. So the sentences are not accurate. I hope it will be helpful to make the walkthrough.
    P.S I have visited your blog for other walkthroughs and It gives me much help. :)

    1. hi Luna,
      thank you so much for translating it and even share it. >.<
      hehe~ i'm glad that this blog is helpful ^^~
      once again, thank you so much. :)
      i will update Edward's walkthrough soon. :)

  4. ahhh thanks so much for your invitation id and email, I just started this game after seeing it from Forbidden Love ( ´ ▽ ` )

    1. hi Melanie ^^~
      you're welcome dear :)
      hehe, happy playing ^^

  5. sorry to interrupy guys but could someone know here where i can find extra or special scenario there? pls reply asap. :(

    1. Hey you can use suj1674 as an invitation I'd to get 350 coins hurry you better hurry before someone else uses it oh and u can buy more tickets with the coins u earn

    2. you need to get enough point to read the special/extra chapter
      and it'll appears after certain chapter.

  6. The game is great, can't wait for Kevin's route :3 Here's my ID: nat3478

  7. My ID- bif1215
    If one doesn't work, try the other ones ^.^

  8. Hi my tablet doesn't let me play voltage games it keeps on saying this:
    ■Error Info
    Third party software is acting on the emulator.

    ■Repair Methods
    Please restart the app on a device without a prohibited third party app.What can I do? And no my tablet isn't rooted

  9. I can only enter one invitation ID :/


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