Saturday, 23 November 2013

[update] Voltage's Thanksgiving Sale

At the moment voltage is holding BIG SALE for NON-GREE games. :D
Here are the list :)

Joshy's route BMP - Main Story, Sequel & 2nd Sequel
Photo: SALE!!

Joshua's Main Story, Sequel, and Second Sequel are at a special price now!!

Don't miss this chance to prepare for his latest story, the Princess Sequel!!

Be My Princess at the App Store

Be My Princess at Google Play
(not really sure if this is still on going)

SITSC - All Main Story, Epilogue & Sequel 
Photo: Seduced in the Sleepless City Thanksgiving Sale: on now!

Special prices on ALL:
Main Stories, Epilogues & Sequels

We're so thankful for our Sleepless fans!
Enjoy! ...And don't forget to check out the Bodyguard and Thief X Thanksgiving sales as well!

★Seduced in the Sleepless City @ the App Store★

★Seduced in the Sleepless City @ Google Play ★

LLFTX - All Main Story & Epilogue
Photo: Love Letter from Thief X Thanksgiving Sale: on now!

Special Prices on ALL 6 characters':
Main Stories & Epilogues

We ♥ our Thief X fans!
We hope you enjoy the sale and check out the Bodyguard and Sleepless Thanksgiving sales too!

★ Love Letter from Thief X @ the App Store ★

★ Love Letter from Thief X @ Google Play ★

MSB - All Main Story 
Photo: ◎My Sweet Bodyguard◎

My Sweet Bodyguard Thanksgiving Sale: on now!

Special prices on :
Subaru, Kaiji, Sora, Mizuki, Katsuragi, Ishigami' Main Stories
We're so thankful for our Bodyguard fans!...

Enjoy! ...And don't forget to check out the Sleepless and Thief X Thanksgiving sales as well!

★My Sweet Bodyguard at the App Store★

★My Sweet Bodyguard at Google play★

So, what are you waiting for gals?


  1. Whaaaatt....!!! Joshua and Subaru's story are my main target :3
    Joshua story is still on sale until now :D

    about SITSC and Love letter from Thief, are they good, Azusa? according to you, which character are popular and have good and interesting story? maybe some spoilers about the plot ;p

    fyi, i like Yamato and Ren (MFM) and Subaru & Goto (MSB), so maybe u can give some advice XD
    after all of this, i'm broken T__T

    btw, in the sequel story of MSB are consist Sequel - Bridal - Dead or Love - London. if i buy a sequel of Subaru, will i get all of them or i must buy one by one after that? (i asked you again in here because i'm afraid you forgot to read my post in my last post at Ask Azu section)

    1. ahahha. XDD~ then this sale is obviously for youuu <3 hihi XD~

      yeess! Love Letter from thief is good! :3
      Takuto & Riki's story are nice. XD~ if you like tsun" guy, go for takkun.
      his route is hilarious. XDDD~ i just love everything he said. XD~ and of course i love the MC too! XD~
      for Riki, he is like perfect husband, so mature and also dependable.. XDD~
      spoiler here, in Riki's route, Takuto fell in love with MC. >w<
      i was hoping that i could choose Takuto instead Riki in Riki's route. XDDD hahahaha
      and in Riki's story, it will talk about his family & his lovely little sister <3
      and also Riki has a habit when he drunk. lol, XD~ i don't want to tell you. XDDD
      Hiro's personality also fun. XD~ he is flirty and yes, smooth-talker. :3
      his story also not bad. :3 in his story, he always told MC to not fall in love with him.
      but in the end, suddenly he's the one who fell in love with MC..
      i don't play other 3 character, so i don't really know their story. >w< sorry.
      and i love Takkun's story the most. XD~

      for SITSC, Mirai is my favorite. :3
      he is so mischievous and mysterious. i just love him and his route XD~
      his story will be about his underground job. :3 kinda cool. XD~ he works as a con artist you know.
      For Ryoichi's route,
      the story is about MC helping Ryoichi as the model for his novel.
      so he asked MC to go date with Noel, and told him about her date, etc.
      for the story,i think Ryoichi's story is the best. :)
      so, go for Ryoichi. XD he's such a sadist. :D
      Noel's story just so so.. mostly talk about his dream and relationship with his father.
      for me his story is so flat, but i just like him. XD~
      Yuzuki's story, mostly talk about his career. not so good for me.
      the others i haven't try. >.<

      For yamato from MFW, i love his story actually.
      but i just hate the MC. =____= idk why, MC's personality in yamato's route just make me sick.
      she's too childish i think.. too ignorant.. and too innocent..
      in yamato's route, MC will pretend to be his wife and facing one of his student who found trouble with her.
      then also talk about his parent. :) nice story. XD~
      then, for Ren's route, i love the MC. :3 the MC is mature i think. :3
      his story will be about his research and his family.
      psstt, he's a actually a prince from a kingdom. >w<
      i love Ren's 2nd sequel. XDD~ :3
      and yuta's story is just sad as hell. he's really a nice guy. XD~
      i love his personality, his story mostly about the married show he's working on with MC.
      and also about his partner. :D he's such a kind-heart person. :3
      Saeki's route also interesting. :3 hihi~
      his personality interesting actually. XDDD hahaha~
      he like to tease MC with his pervert mind. :3 MC is just too innocent to handle him. XDD
      i forgot who's the lawyer name.. =____=
      but his route is really looks like from real-story you know. XD his route also nice. :3
      MC will pretend to be his wife because his grandmother is sick, mostly his route talk about his family.
      Haru's route is also about his family & job. :3
      he's so gentle but also mischievous, the story not so bad. :D
      i didn't play uncle's route & kyoichi (if i'm not wrong)'s route, so i don't know. >w<
      if i rate the story,
      it will be Ren -> Yuta -> Lawyer -> Yamato -> Haru -> and 2 others

      For MSB, i don't know much Riana. :(
      actually i almost don't know anything, because i don't play MSB.
      i played the GREE version, i'm not really into the story, so i decided to not play it. >w<
      sorry can't help much. :(

      for every sequel story, you need to purchase for each character. :D
      if it's subaru's sequel then you only get Subaru's story Riana. :3
      the rest you also need to buy it.
      sorry for late reply Riana. :'(
      after this i will log out, so i hope this is what you're asking for. >w<
      good night <3

    2. yeah.... i think i'll love Riki and Takuto :3
      For SITSC, maybe i'll try Mirai's and Ryoichi's. and tonight i'll buy their sale story >.<

      About MSB, i've tried Subaru story. and......i'm little dissapointed. for this paid version, i can't see the CGs and can't save manually like in the other voltage paid games =___=
      and for the story, sometime there is missing scene. one time, MC and her bodyguard was attending a party, then next scene they're at hospital. Why....what happen?

      I love all princes in BMP now....and i think BMP will be my favourite game >.<
      thank you for the explanations.
      god help me before i'm broken ;p

    3. hihi, you'll love them XD~
      especially Takuto <3
      greeaatt~ XD
      ahhaha, voltage will be really happy because of you XD~

      eh really??
      is the system little bit different from another voltage games?
      maybe the app have bug or glitch,
      i experienced it before for SITSC.
      i couldn't open Mirai's CG.
      so i just update the game.
      some of gals said that they tried to re-install the game, and it works fine after that.
      perhaps you could try it. :)
      lol, XDDD~ i couldn't say anything. >w<
      maybe because they're not really focusing on MSB?
      i'm not sure too. >w<

      i couldn't agree moreee~
      all the princes are such a hottie. XDD~ lol. >//////<
      you're most welcome dear <3
      lol, welcome to the otome game world, XD~
      where people are broke because of this 2D character. XDDD~

      anyway, i'm so sad that i missed the sale. T_____T
      i wanted to purchase some stories, but the sale already finished. =_____="
      screw my assignments. =____="
      because of them i couldn't even purchase the story and play the game. :'(

    4. i'm afraid voltage will apply a new designs like in MSB (save atomatically each of chapter's end without scene fiture to see all CGs we've got) to all of their games. because after i updated my MFW, they change MFW's design as same as MSB T_T
      also now they give you some IDs to access your old data if you ever encounter an error and have to reinstalled

      i don't know about yours, Azusa. if u had open your MFW, please tell me wether they are still in the same old design or the new one?

      for SITSC, i played Ryoichi and Satsuki. they reminded me of Keith and Wilfred. :3

      thank your for your XD (i don't know why i'm feel happy to be broken by entering this otome game world. but it can't be helped, they're too tempting >.<)

      i think and hope that there will be xmast sale in the near. so u can buy all the story you want ;)

    5. yes! they will change all design to the new one. =_____=
      my MFW also like that, i love the new design actually.
      but.. i just don't like the save function. @.@
      now MFW's interface already changed, left BMP, LLFTX and SITSC. >.<

      ahahaha. XD~ really??
      their personality looks alike?
      how's satsuki's route? >.<
      i think he's mature right?

      lol. XDD~
      we're happy but in the same time we're also crying so hard. hahahahaha
      we got otome disease. XDDD~
      never mind, just spend little bit money on some hot guys. :3
      lol, i think our hobby is still considered normal and healthy.
      so don't worry Riana. i'm in your side. XDDD~

      yeeess!! i hope so too. >w<

  2. My favorites are, sitsc: Mirai, Noel, and Yuzuki. msb: mizuki, sora, subaru, and goto. bmp: every prince except Keith. mfw: ren, yamato, haruka, saeki. llftx:takuto, riki,and hiro. By the way my name is Sakura nice to meet you ^◇~☆

    1. Hello Sakura ^^~
      woah, you mentioned lots of hot guys.
      kekeke~ XD~
      nice to meet you too <3
      see you around ^^~


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