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[walkthrough]Forbidden Love - Tom's Main Story

Tom's Main Story Walkthrough
Option that i bold get highest point
(Highest Point : 50 Middle Point : 30 Lowest Point 10)

This walkthrough made by :
i'm just helping her to post it ^^~

(I will put the other options if i don't get 50 Point)
(Please help me correct the answers)

-Story 1-
Episode 1

Episode 2
I don't remember
I think this is my fifth
I think this is my second
Don't worry about me
Have you been through the same thing?
(It's because of you)

Episode 3
Why me?
Are you making fun of me?
Do you think i can do it?
I'll do it
I accept your offer

Episode 4

Episode 5
That's not fair!
Can you give me another chance?
I'll redo it

This is such a nice design
This place makes me want to shop


Episode 6
It was fantastic
I feel like i'm inside the story
Love is amazing

Episode 7
How about you?
I'm fine

That's a tough job

Episode 8
This is expensive..
I feel happy

Episode 9
Please do it gently
I can do it myself

You mean..

Episode 10
(We might have kissed)
(He might have held me)
(He might have heard my heart beat)

Episode 11
You didn't like it?
I don't know
It was good

Episode 12
A sour
A cocktail
A whisky

Episode 13
That's not okay
This is a part of my job
I'll go pick up later

(My co-worker)
(Who did it?)

Episode 14
(Ice cream)

Episode 15
W, well..

Why do you say so?
You're blind


Episode 16
(... I need to tell him)
(... I can't hide it from him)
(I can't tell him)

Episode 17
(Should i call?)
(I shouldn't call today)
(What should i do?)

Thank you
I'm relieved

Episode 18
What happened between you two?
It doesn't bother me.
I'm so full!

Episode 19
(I don't want to leave him)
(The project is almost done)
(It's going to end soon)

A French restaurant
Where do you recommend?

(I hate Tom!)

Episode 20
Because you love me?
Because i love you?
Because she loves you?

Last updated 7 December
*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. Apparently, chapter 5 has 2 selection. and here it's 2nd selection :
    Chapter 5 - 2nd selection :
    "This is such a nice design"
    "This place makes me want to shop"
    "Exciting" (50 LP)

    at one of the scene, someone asked if the MC is shopping with her
    as you said, Tom's looks like a pedo or some sugar daddy O.O
    He's really sweet to the MC >w<

    1. Chapter 6 :
      "It was fantastic"
      "I feel like i'm inside the story" (50 LP)
      "Love is amazing"

      Chapter 7 :
      "How about you?" (50 LP)
      "I'm fine"
      "Huh?" (50 LP)
      "That's a tough job"

    2. LOL, ikr. XDDD~
      Tom is such a pedo. XDDD~
      hahahaha. sorry Tom. >w<

      reallyy???? O_O
      really" sweet???? O_O
      i just start his route, 2nd chapter now.
      shocked me, Matt's happy ending has lots of scenes. =____=
      even more than 10 scene..

      thank you so much Riana~
      as always. XDD~

    3. Yes...i though he's sweet but i don't know if u think about it differently :D
      Now i'm curious enough about their story to make me want to read it till the end XD

      Chapter 8 :
      "This is expensive..."
      "I feel happy"
      "Beautiful" (50 LP)

      for chapter 8 just has 1 selection. i'm at chapter 9 now
      you'll catch up, Azusa \^ ^/

      i think for this route, it's quite easy to choose the right answer.
      because in the right answer, MC will response with using the same sentences in other choice.
      so i don't need to thinking too hard >.<

    4. Chapter 9 :
      "Please do it gently" (50 LP)
      "I can do it myself..."
      "..." (50 LP)
      "You mean..."

    5. now i understand.. Tom's really sweet to MC. O_O
      shock me..
      and they're not having an affair. lol. finally. XDDD~ hihi. :3
      i'm quite interested with Tom in his route. :3
      yes! me too XDD~ i'm also curious. XDD~

      sorry for late reply and update Riana,
      i will update it soon <3

      lol, XDDD~ that's good! hihi. XD~
      don't know if they're letting us or just lazy to make up the dialogue. ahaha. XD~
      have a nice day Riana <3 <3 <3

  2. Chapter 10 :
    (We might've kissed)
    (He might've held me)
    (He might've heard my heartbeat) (50 LP)

    Chapter 11:
    "You didn't like it?"
    "I don't know"
    "It was good" (50 LP)

    1. ikr XD
      and also a little bit pitied him about his wife's affair ;-;

      Chapter 12 :
      "A sour" (50 LP)
      "A cocktail"
      "A whiskey"

      Chapter 13 :
      "That's not okay" (50 LP)
      "This is a part of my job"
      "I'll go pick up later"
      (... ...Me) (50 LP)
      (My cowworker!)
      (Who did it?)

      have a nice day too for you , Azusa ^^

    2. Chapter 14 :
      (Yogurt) (50 LP)

      Chapter 15 :
      "Good night"
      "Tom..." (50 LP)
      "W, wel..."
      "Why do you say so?"
      "You're blind"
      "Why?" (50 LP)

    3. ahahaha, XD~
      but if his wife didn't has an affair,
      he won't meet MC. :3
      or maybe he'll be the one who're having an affair with MC later.
      so this is the best way. XDDD~
      hahahah. XD

      sorry for late reply and update Riana. >w<
      anyway, how many chapters in total?
      >w< i'm behind you too far. T_____T

    4.'re right. and i don't like if they have an affair while Tom was still married. :D

      no problem i know you're very busy ;)
      what' chapter are you now, Azusa?

      i've checked it in the album, it has 20 chapters and 3 endings, which one of them Mike's ending.
      is it possible that in Mike's ending the MC will choose Mike than Tom ? :3

      Here for chapter 16 :
      (... I need to tell him)
      (I can't hide it from him...) (50 LP)
      (I can't tell him)
      Water...? (50 LP)

    5. Chapter 17 :
      (Should I call?)
      (I shouldn't call today...) (50 LP)
      (What should I do?)
      Thank you
      I'm relieved (50 LP)

      Chapter 18 :
      What happened between you two?
      It doesn't bother me
      I'm so full! (50 LP)

      Chapter 19 :
      (I don't want to leave him) (50 LP)
      (The project is almost done)
      (It's going to end soon)
      A French restaurant
      Where do you recommend? (50 LP)

    6. ikr! i'm quite pissed off when Naomi get back to Tom's side. =___=
      i'm stopped in chapter 12 now Riana. :(
      sooooo faaaarrr awaaaayyy. T_____T
      i couldn't play the game for several days. :'(

      ah, it's only 20.
      i thought it will be quite long like Matthew's story. >w<
      so far how's the story Riana? you almost done right? >w<
      how's the ending? XD~

      actually i'm quite curious with Mike in this story. >w<
      because he seems quite reserved(?)
      but actually i know that he had feeling with MC. >w<
      but his cold act makes me kinda curious with him. XDD~
      and Johannes as well.. poor my johannes. :(
      MC is too dense to know his feeling, (like always)
      ahahha. XDDD

      anyway, thank you for the walkthrough Riana ^^~
      and sorry i just have time to update it.
      and also, regarding the questions you asked before,
      i answered it here, please check it. :)

    7. Chapter 19 - 3rd selection :
      (I hate Tom...!) (50 LP)

      Chapter 20 :
      Because you love me? (50 LP)
      Because I love you?
      Because she loves you?

      Now, i'm stuck at the ending. i don't have enough love point to choose all of the endings (need 1650 LP) =w=
      so i'm confuse now O.O shall i wait to get enough LP ( it means i must buy coins or waiting bonus LP login, so can use love capsule and pray that will get avatar) or just choose one of the ending T^T
      I think Tom's route is quite interesting, enough to make me want to read his next story. how will they do their relationship to next level :)

      at last chapter, Mike confessed to MC but before MC give her answer, he knew that it's too late.
      also 2 or 3 chapter before that, Johannes also had confessed to MC.
      It's confessing time...hahaha....XD

      Thank you for your reply...yes, i've read your post

    8. thank you so much Riana!
      omg, you completed this walkthrough by yourself. >w<
      you're like a hero. XDDD~

      eh, how come??
      even though already picked all right answer from the 1st chapter,
      but you still couldn't get enough LP to get both ending? @.@
      if you really want to read all ending, just wait Riana. >w<

      yes! i'm in that chapter right now. XDD~
      now in the middle of Mike's confession. lol
      Johannes's confession already passed. XDD~
      MC is so popular, omg. XD~

      it's good that Tom's story is interesting for you :3
      hihi~ but i'm not really into this story.
      idk why, i just feel that the writer is lazy or something.
      because almost every dialogue is really short..
      or maybe it's just my feeling? =_____="
      i just don't agree with the story-writing..
      they could do better like Mike's story or Johannes's story. >w<

    9. i'm flattered, but really that's not a big deal, Azusa. you have done more with the others walkthrough >w<

      Now i still need 115 LP to get all of endings. i had spent all of my toy points and just got tickets or just 5 LP bonus. i just need 30 coins to buy an avatar that can give me 115 LP or more (i got free coins from posting via line ) :D

      First, i though so, just like you. maybe need more or new conflict for this story. that's why i want to know their next story, hoping the writer will give an exciting story >.<

    10. hihi :3 but the others also helped me to correct the walkthrough. >w< kekeke~

      ah yes! you also can get coins through google+ and twitter. ;)
      hihi~ i gave up with the all endings, lol, i picked Mike's ending. XDDD~
      hahahaha. i know i'm so bad, playing Tom's route but in the end go with Mike. XDDD~
      i don't care anymore, hahahaha. :))

      yes. :3 i think so too.
      i'm also curious on how they will continue this story..
      will they write the 2nd story? .____.

  3. I hate this man :\ the walkthrough sounds nice but I can't bring myself to play this route

    1. lol, just don't play it if you're not interested with him. ;) *wink*
      he's a good guy actually, but the writer made him looks like a bad guy in other routes. :D
      but i won't suggest you to play this route.. for me it's just so so..

  4. Is this walkthrough completed?

  5. In tom's main story chapter 11 is missing the second part of the answer!
    I've co-written just the answer! sorry!
    which is "should I go there"

    1. oh really? but i've played Tom's route and this walkthrough is correct. >.<
      could you please send me screen capture,
      thank you so much!

  6. chapter 11 episode 6
    " Should i go there?"
    "Not today."
    "Does Tom and his wife go there together?!

    1. the asnwer is "should i go there?" (lp50) hope this help you!!


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