Saturday, 30 November 2013

[update]Shall We Date: Magic Sword was released!

Hello gals,
apparently there's a new game from NTT Solmare *cheers*
but hold on, this is not GREE version. 
so you need to purchase each character's story. :3
(each character will cost around $3.50++)
but you can read the pro-log for free if you interested. :D

Shall we date?: Magic Sword - screenshot

so basically, the story was started in the medieval era(?)
as always, MC always become a princess.. (yeah, this is common)
and, she had a job to protect Theodore (her kingdom) and also protect Excalibur (some ancient sword)
so, a guy named King Arthur wanted to took Excalibur because he claimed it as his sword.
and there the story goes, King Arthur successfully took the sword.
when MC was nearly died (not really actually), the gentleman come to save her.
and here the story goes, one of the gentleman will help MC to took the Excalibur back to her kingdom. :3
for me, this story (the pro-log) actually common story.. however, i'm still anticipate with this game!
i'm looking forward for the great story-line for each characters. :3

and here's some screenshot i took from the pro-log. :3
my first impression of this pro-log it..
OMG! this is so damn nice!
i was really excited with this game because i love the graphic. :3
and also the text box, hihi

here's another screen capture.. :D
when i saw him, i straightly decided that i will do his route. :3
but in the end.. i was shocked that he's the antagonist!
why does most of antagonist character must be this nice-looking and awesome?!
I hope that Solmare will make his route, :3 they have to actually. >w< hihi

so, after the pro-log finished,
there are 3 gentleman here that will help the MC during her journey. :)
let's check them out!



So, among these 3,
i decided i will go for Estel, although Ray also quite tempting me. :3
and hopefully i will do the walkthrough. ^^~
but hold on gals, i won't play this game during this week or next week.
I will play this after i finished everything that i need to done.
probably it will be around .. 3 weeks later? hopefully soon. :(

and before i end this post,
i would like to ask you gals to use my invite ID to get bonus photo.
i will share all bonus photo in this blog like what i did for Kiss of Revenge game from Voltage. :3
so you gals also can get it, save it and perhaps use it for your wallpaper! :3
hihi, so thank you for your corporation gals <3
Happy Playing and Happy Weekend!


  1. OMG aw man my android can't hold anymore apps D: and you chose good! Estel looks so hot :3

    1. same here Neiro-chan! >w<
      too much otome game. T____T
      i'm starting to delete games that i rarely play. >w<
      hihi. :3 yes he is, but i haven't play his route yet. XD
      planning to play next week :3
      hope you enjoyed this game <3

  2. Estel reminds me of link from legends of zelda.....soooo dreamy

  3. Ray is like another version of Ryoichi lol --and hey, Azusa, do you know that Solmare just released a game called "Shall we date: Can't Say No"? First Mononoke Kiss, then this, and then Can't Say No... It seems they're on a hot pursuit for our money or something lol

    1. hello Liese ^^~
      really? XDDD is he as sadist like Ryoichi?? lol~
      ah yes, i heard about it but i don't have time to post it. :(
      maybe tomorrow i will post it. :)

      lol, reallt true!! i'm agree with this.
      looks like they really want to rob us. XDD~
      how come they release 3 new games in once. lol. XDD~

      pssstt, i heard that Shall We Date: Can't Say No has really mature story-line. >\\\\\<


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