Sunday, 10 November 2013

[update]Class Trip Rush is coming soon!

hello gals,
Voltage is back with another promising game.

so the story is MC is a student of an all-girls school.
one day, their school are having a class trip.
but they're is not the only school which is doing the class trip.
there's also an all-boys school, so here's where MC encounter the boys. XD

Photo: Our new game, "Class Trip Crush" is coming soon!!

We'll be releasing lots of game info in the days to come so keep checking Facebook!

◇◆Your class trip… is with an all-boys school!?◆◇

You get a big surprise when you show up for your class trip!
Your all-girls school is going on the trip with... BOYS?!
What happens when you find yourself traveling with five of the cutest boys you've ever seen?!

Photo: New info!!

Here's five boys you will meet in Class Trip Crush!!

Who's your favorite?

this game sounds targeting teenagers. .____.
never mind, i still have Dreamy Days in West Tokyo to play.
I just realized after play Ichy's route that Dreamy Days in West Tokyo also about high-school story..
lol. never mind.. i enjoyed it. :D


  1. They always make cool games :)

    1. yes! XD~
      actually they did great with the graphic. XD~

  2. I know what you mean ... In Mangas School-life storys are okay, but its different if you are the "MC" (kind-of).
    DDiWT is so far so good, there could be a little more intimate, but well ... there only Highschool Students. I hope that with the "3 years later" (Colleague years or something) a bit more would happen. I am an grown up woman and need some loooooveee~

    1. ahahaha. XDD~ agree with you. XD~
      but somehow high-school relationship nowadays are way more intimate than before.
      am i right or wrong? XD~ lol
      actually this is kinda fresh story. :3
      everyone's dream to have a cute love life during high-school. XDDD~
      i think they will do 3 years later story. :3 hehehe~
      ahahahahaah. XDD~ i know what you mean *wink*

  3. The boys are so cute x3
    I really love adult love but nothing's better than cute innocent school-love <33
    I aam SO gonna buy all routes xD
    Is there also a teacher to date? o:

    1. yes they're so cute. :3
      but i feel the Character Design is somehow little bit different from old Voltage games. O_O
      lol. XDD~
      you will buy all ?! O_O
      i wish i have lots of money as you Tamara-saaan. T_____T
      hmmm, i think yes, but they haven't announce it yet.
      i'm quite sure that teacher will be one of the candidate. hihi. :3


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