Tuesday, 4 March 2014

[update]Bidding for Love is out! (Arithmetic/Okko)

Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot

The story is about MC, who was just an ordinary person.
one day, she get sold in blackmarket.
then someone bought her for 600 M.
google play : Bidding for Love

the bidders :
Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot

i'm going to play Kyo first, hehe~
and of course i'll post the walkthrough ^^~
so please help me to proceed the game faster by using my invite ID
and of course you also will get 100 Platinum for entering my ID.
and also this is my nickname : asanoazunyan
thank you gals~

anyway, i just got back home from a journey,
so tonight i will update Ali Baba's walkthrough ^^~ ( i already reach chapter 10)
and also the other walkthroughs. :3
have a nice day & happy playing gals!
(thanks for your understanding & patient for waiting for me to come back, love yaa)


  1. Yay thanks, another new game ^.^ happy playing for you too <3 Oh and I will use your ID ;)

    1. hello Caro Lina. :)
      thank you so much ^^~
      hope you enjoy this game. :3

  2. I will help you for Iriya's walkthrough :)

    1. thanks Barbara! ^^~
      i really appreciate it. <3

    2. Sorry, i guest i can't play iriya walkthough because i play it when i have wi-fi in college :( sorry so much!!!

    3. I already play two scenario but actually have 3, but i forgot the first scenario, this two i already have but i guess i slowly with my iriya... :O

      Chapter 1

      Scenario 16: I'm very angry (5)
      Scenario 19: I trust them more than I trust you (5)

      I have play Arabian Nights: Desert Heat Love ( walkthrough for Mubarak)

      Chapter 1:

      Scenario 5: Follow his invitation
      Scenario 9: Don't follow

    4. For Mubarak, two scenario was 5 point :)

  3. Chapter 01: Scenario 02

    Why me?
    How would I pay for it? (5)

    -Ella :)

  4. Chapter 01: 09
    Must have atleast 5 AL

    Chapter 01: 10
    You're mistaken (1)
    Glare at him


    1. The correct answer for chapter 1 scenario 10 is "Glare at him" (+5)

    2. thanks Ella & Riana!
      sorry for the late reply and update. T____T
      i will update it soon. :(

  5. aw....a new game again... huft, i'm beat *sigh*
    i think the story is like Kissed by The Baddest Bidder's .. maybe i'll try it too, and starting with Kyo. of course i'll use your ID and also please add me to your friend list as usual Azusa ^^

    btw, welcome back Azusa....we missed you ^^~

    1. yeah.. same here.. i'm beat too. :(
      i think i'll stop playing some games after i finish the walkthrough.
      too many games to played, i'm going crazy. ;____; hahaha

      yes! anyway, have you play voltage's kissed by the baddest bidder? XDDD~
      i love it so much!
      i played Eisuke, Baba & the hongkong mafia ( i forgot the name) lol, i really love the story & the bgm. XDDD~ kyaaa~
      it's one of my favorite voltage's game. XDDD~
      hahaha, yes, we all starts with Kyo. XDD~
      hahaha. :3 sure! airin right? XDD~

      thank you so much Riana!
      i miss you too *hug*

    2. yes.... actually i have tough to stopped playing some games, but i can't. they're too tempting.... lol XDD
      I love it too. I played Eisuke and Soryu (the hongkong mafia). how about Baba's story, Azusa? honestly, i'm quite interested with his route because eventough he's always flirting to MC, he seems like a nice and honest person :D

    3. Rianaaaaaaaa.. omg i miss you so much. T_____T
      sorry for the really late reply.
      i think it's almost been a month i didn't open the blog. T____T

      yey! Baba's story is interesting as well. :3 hihi~
      i love his route too, but Eisuke's is the best among all. :3
      now i'm waiting for Ota's route, he seems little bit artistic (well, he's an artist)
      hahah, and weird. XDD~
      anyway, in Baba's route, Ota'll keep appear to disturb MC & Baba. :3

  6. Chapter 1:19
    I cant do that
    How can I prove anything?
    I can do this (5)

    Chapter 1:20

    Chapter 2:2
    What if I refuse?
    I dont want to go
    I understand (5)

    -Ella :P

    1. thanks Ella ^^~
      i had no luck. T____T
      keep getting 1 point. :(
      anyway, i will update it soon. :3

  7. Hello...I new player here...can someone teach me where to put the invitation code....i have being looking everywhere for it >_<

    1. hello anon,
      put the invitation code when you first time play the game. :)


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