Saturday, 2 April 2016


Dear all of friends and visitors.
thank you for supporting the blog although it was not updated since 2 years ago (my last post is on 2014).
I'm really, deeply want to thank all of you.

There're lots of going on from past 2 years,
and here I am, I will try to keep active in the blog.
However, I'm not going to post Otome Games walkthrough like past,
cause i actually stopped playing mobile otome games since 2014.
( all Voltage, NTT Solmare, Accela Inc., other games)

But it doesn't mean i stopped playing otome game. :)
I still play these games:
-. Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Season (PSP)
-. Storm Lover (PSP)
-. Nameless (PC)
-. Amnesia (PC)
-. other NDS otome games
-. currently waiting 3DS otome games (if there's any)

So.. From now on this blog mainly will post any random stuff (like this post),
the current games I play, the current mangas I read, some post might be about otome games that I play.
But don't worry, all old otome game walkthtough will stay in this blog and accessible for anyone who needs it. :)

thank your for reading guys!
please keep sending your love to this blog. ^^~
and lastly, I'm finally back. ^^

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  1. Azusa!!! Welcome back!!! I miss you alot!!! i'm sorry if i replied late. I would always check your blog if you are back yet. If you don't remember me, im Angelica, the one who always ask whens yuta's season 2 on my forged wedding xD, and then i also told you that it was my 12th birthday hahaha!!! Well im 14 years old now and in 10th grade. So how have you been? I'm glad you are finally back!!! Thank you again for all the hard work you put into your blog, walkthroughs, and other games. It has been a really great help to everyone.From then on, i will support you on what path you take. Enjoy your life and always be happy!!! <3 <3 <3
    Your #1 Fan, Angelica


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With love, Azusa~

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