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[AskAzu] Riana : Voltage's Paid Version (Pricing) & OS Update

Letter :
This letter was sent on 16 October

Reply :
Hello Dear Riana. >w< hihi~
sorry i just notice your letter. >.<
i'm so happy that you want to try paid-version of voltage game. XD~
so, about the pricing stuff..
basically, all main stories and sequel from voltage cost same price, it's around $3.00++
and all epilogue cost around $2.00++
for special story/spin off, it also cost $2.00++

but this month, Voltage held lots of halloween sale :
1. Prince Roberto from Be My Princess. (Main Story, Sequel & 2nd Sequel)
2. Prince Wilfred & Keith from Be My Princess (2nd Sequel) - if i'm not wrong
3. Lute from A Knight Devotion (Main Story, Epilogue)
4. Toranosuke from Office Secrets (Main Story, Epilogue)
but i'm not really sure if the sale is still going on because voltage didn't tell the last date.

also, Voltage is holding another free trial for My Forged Wedding
please refer to this post : My Forged Wedding Free Trial

hmmm, if you compare to NTT Solmare games..
actually i think it's almost same.
but if you compare to solmare gree version, yeah, it's more expensive.
example, for Ninja love paid-version.
it cost $4 to play 3 character (Saizo, Sasuke & Kotaro)
but yeah, the extra character packs are way more expensive.
1 pack (2 character - Goemon &Musashi) cost about $5/6..
but yeah, if you compare it, i think it's almost same or more expensive(?)
but ntt solmare no longer updating their paid version game on android.
they still update the Ios version though..


and about the OS update,
for BMP, CD & MSB, if you're playing with GREE account,
it's okay, you can update it. :)
your data is recorded in their database, so no need to worry.
but for forbidden love,
i'm not really sure..
last time i also want to change phone, but if i change my phone,
i have to play forbidden love from beginning.
so i changed my mind..

after all, it's your choice.
my recommendation is try to play the FREE Trial from My Forged Wedding first. ^^
for Be My Princess, i bet you're playing GREE version.
so if your favorite is Roberto, go for it.
buy his stories while it's sale.
for Lute's story, i think it's also nice. Lute itself is very sweet & gentleman. hehe..
but for Torannosuke, i don't know his personality because i don't play his route. :3
so, that's all.
hopefully this is answering your question. >w<
if you have anything to ask, don't be afraid to ask me. :3

With Love,


  1. Thanks for your reply....

    The reason behind this that i though since i played GREE version, i paid about $10 or more every month to buy item closet / storage (BMP, MSB & CD). Then when i played Destiny Ninja, i really hate their minigame checkpoint especially when chance rate just 20%.... =_=' and also the energy that needed 4 hours to regenerate. Same with My Sweet Princes+. So i though why didn't i played the paid version. just paid $3-$5, i can play freely. But off course i'll still play the GREE version just for events.

    So I'll play all of your recommendation game (paid version) by tomorrow after my big brother's upgrading my tablet ..... >.<

    about forbidden love, i also had asked to M&Aonline about it. didn't you used the transfer data, Azusa? because they said that i just need to used Transfer Data fiture. But i'm quite confused about how to used that fiture.

    1. you're most welcome dear Riana <3

      hehe~ agree ! :3
      this was also my reason to move to paid-version.
      i also calculate all like you,
      i would spend money on the events only for buy special clothes or whatever,
      but then i felt that it doesn't worth it. :(
      so i changed my mind,
      this is exactly my plan. :3
      hehehe~ play the main story & sequel at paid-version, then play the events at gree version. :3

      hehehe~ good luck !
      anyway, voltage just holding a sale for My Forged Wedding's Yamato's & Ren's main story & sequel i think. :3
      if you love them, buy it! XD~
      i'm also planning to buy Ren's route. :3 hihi~

      i'm so sorry to hear about the data-lost Riana. :(
      we should ask M&A online regarding this issue.
      i never use transfer data before Riana-chan.
      for all GREE games, i tried and i can play with another phone.
      i'm also quite confuse, they just said register e-mail if i'm not wrong.
      but i'm not sure how they do the transfer data with e-mail. ._.
      i will try to contact M&A online about this issue. :)
      will tell you their reply. :D

    2. You're really tempted me Azusa-chan...... XD

      i've just buy Yamato's & Ren's main story for My Forged Wedding and SWD:Ninja Love for 3 char first (and i think i'll buy the rest.... ) .... lol
      Actually i also want to buy My Sweet Princes and SWD:Destiny Ninja, MSB and BMP. but i still confused which one i want to buy first >.<

      And for Destiny Ninja, where i can but the paid version for android? i can't find it in playstore :(

      Btw, i've upgraded my OS and it didn't reset my games. and about transfer data i'm still not sure about it because fortunately i don't need it :D
      If i looked at section of trasnfer data FAQ, it's kinda simple. but i'm still not sure how to use it ._.

    3. ahahaha. XDDD~
      but the story & character all good, that's why i tempted you. XDDD~
      hahahaha. :3

      lol, XD~ buy all the character packs Riana! XD~
      i bought all too. :3 couldn't resist XD~
      my friends told me that MSP is good. :3 but i didn't feel to buy it. :D
      i tried the free version, and the story seems nice. XD~
      but i don't really like the graphic. :3
      but you can purchase it Riana. XD~
      for Destiny Ninja, they don't release the paid-version. :(
      they're so sly, purposely only release the free version, so more people spend money on it.
      my recommendation is, play Yamato & Ren first Riana. :3
      then play Ninja Love. XD~ finish all. :3
      then purchase the rest. XD~
      take your time. hihi :3

      good news! XD~
      i'm really happy to hear that! :3
      yes, they should explain more. =____=

    4. You know what Azusa........ i end up buying Wilfred's, Keith's & Roberto's route (main, sequel, second sequel) because they're sale and finished reading all will's route..... XD

      Now i really love Will, he's like almost perfect >.< and because he's Wilfred, i can't help it to buy his Princess Sequel. Hoping the next sequel is about royal baby :3's regretable when i really want to play it, try all the route especially Yoshitsune :(
      it's mean i must still play the free version

      Yeah i know it how we can't resist them.... hahahaha....
      Now i hope the rest of Princes's routes are on sale at next event or on chrismast :3

      And thank you so much for your help and recommendation about this kind of games :D

    5. wow Riana XD~~~ i didn't expect this, XD lol~ XD
      but it's great that you purchase it while it's in sale. :3 hihi~

      i agree! XD~ Will is really a perfect prince. :3 hihi~
      yes, i'm also hoping next story is about royal baby. :3

      yes. :( you still have to play free version if you want to play Yoshitsune's route. :D
      be patient Riana. >.<

      ahahaha. XDD~
      nobody can resist them. XD~
      hihi. that's what i'm thinking too ! XD~
      i hope they will also release ichigo from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo because i'm waiting for his route like crazy. XDDDD~
      you're most welcome Riana! :3 hihi~
      glad that you're happy with the paid-version. XD~

    6. now voltage sell some route in their games on low price .
      in MSB, all main routes are on sale except Goto's and Kurokawa's. then in BMP Joshua's routes are sale.
      so...i'll buy it all XD~
      but for MSB, i think i 'll just buy Subaru and Mizuki's route and waiting Goto's route on sale :p
      have you played Katsuragi, Kaiji, Sora and Ishigame's route? are they good and interesting?
      With Katsuragi, it's like with Tom. my favourites are Subaru and Goto XD~
      tell me your opinion an maybe a little spoilers ;p

      the thing that i want to ask you, in MSB, the sequel there are some route in one sequel (there are sequel, bridal, dead or love and london). for example if i buy Subaru's sequel, will i get all of it? or i must buy it one another later?

    7. hello Riana,
      sorry for late reply to your comment. >w<
      i replied this at here.
      please check it, it's quite long. >w<
      and i'm so sorry that i can't give you any spoiler for MSB because i don't play it. >w<
      i just play the gree version, and it's not really interesting for me. :(

      and also, for non-gree, if it's sequel usually it's only one person.
      so if you want to play Mizuki's sequel, you have to buy his sequel too. :D
      but if it's special story or spin off, it depends, you can check the characters included in every special story or spin off description. :)


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