Saturday, 19 October 2013

[AskAzu] Nurul : Mobile Otome Games & BMP Season 2

Letter :
These letter was sent on 03 October & 09 October

Reply :

Dear Nurul,
first i want to apologize for the super late reply. T____T
I'm so sorry that i just notice your letter. T____T
and i hope you're fine too. :)
hehe, so you're asking about BMP season 2?
hmmm, yes, it's already out, but in japanese version.
voltage haven't release the english version. hehe..
let's hope they will release it soon. ^^

and for the games recommendation..
if you're searching for free version, i think you already mentioned all.
even i don't play all games that you mentioned. >w<
ah i just remember, how about love academy & love academy -yaoi-?
is it compatible with your device?
and another one is motemote..
i don't play those game because it's not compatible with my device.
but you might want to try, hehe. :)
if you're searching for paid version, there are lots.
voltage games, ntt solmare games, east tower, shinsenreki, always remember me, etc. :)

thank you for your time Nurul ^^~
hope to see you around.. :D
with love,


  1. Hi Azu! Hi how r u?
    About BMP season 2, too bad it didn't released in english version. Well, let's hope that they will release it in english version soon (^_^)
    Motemote- i already played it and finished in a day. Coz it's too short.
    Love Acadamy & Love Academy ~Yaoi~ - too bad it is incompatible with my phone, I really like the graphics and i love the guys

    1. hello Nurul ! ^^~
      i'm fine here, how about you?

      yes, it haven't release in english yet. :D
      hehehe~ so let's wait patiently.

      yes. i agree.
      i'm quite confuse with motemote actually.
      it stated there that we supposed to wait 1 week to finish the story.
      but why i could finish it in 1 day? .____.
      same hereee. T_____T
      too bad, but actually you already played lots of game. :3


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