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[walkthrough]Soji Shirogane Main Story(My Contract Wedding)

Soji's Walkthrough
Option that i bold get highest point
(Highest Point : 5 Middle Point : 3 Lowest Point 1)
(AP = Affection Point)

Special Thanks :


(I will put the other options if i don't get 5 Point)
(Please help me correct the answers)

-Chapter 1-
Extra Scenario 03 - Married Couple's Diary C01
Key (150 Platinum)
Scenario 5
Do i really need to answer that question? (1)
If i am, can you help me?
No, i'm not
Scenario 7
I can't
Let me think about it
Scenario 11
Apologize (1)
Introduce yourself
Thank him for yesterday
Scenario 15☆ (Special Story) : 
Need 8 AP

-Chapter 2-
Scenario 4(?)
I understand
But i can't
Please give me some time to think (3)
Scenario 9☆ (Special Graphic) : 
Need 12 AP
Scenario 10
Keep quite and follow his lead
Say stop
Agree to sign
Scenario 14
Yes, master
No, i'm your wife
We have an agreement (1)

-Chapter 3-
Scenario 2
Say thank you (3)
Listen half-heartedly
Ask about Soji
Scenario 6
Mr. Kosaka told me to do so
Yes, of course, a slave genius
Do you prefer to be called 'Master'?
Scenario 12
Introduce yourself
Look at Soji
Gesture to hand shake

-Chapter 4-
Scenario 4☆ (Special Story) : 
Need 45 AP
Scenario 5
A slave's work is never over
As your wife, I will
no, i won't
Scenario 10☆ (Special Graphic) : 
Need 50 AP
Scenario 11
Move away from Soji
Sleep face to face with him
Hold steady
Extra Scenario 12 - Married Couple's Diary C04
Key (150 Platinum)
Scenario 14
Are we going on a date? (3)
We better decide where to go
Why not relax at home?

-Chapter 5-
Scenario 2
Can we walk arm in arm?
Do you want to go to a cafe?
Shall we hold hands?
Scenario 3☆ (Special Story) : 
Need 65 AP
Scenario 7(?)
The movie is boring
You want to go somewhere else (3)
You think i'm pretty..
Scenario 10(?)
I'd probably be like this with others
I still feel resistant
I'm only like this with you

-Chapter 6-
Scenario 6
Why are you here? (1)
I'm sorry for causing trouble
You didn't need to help me
Scenario 9
My boyfriend
The president of company we're doing business with (0)
I have no relation with him
Scenario 11☆ (Special Graphic) : 
Need 80 AP
Scenario 13
I'm right, aren't i?(1)
Am i wrong? 
I'm sorry for getting carried away
Extra Scenario ?? - Married Couple's Diary C06
Key (150 Platinum)

-Chapter 7-
Scenario 4
I have boyfriend
I'm married
I have to be home soon
Scenario 8
Get angry
Get embarrased
React like an adult (3)
Scenario 12
This is nonsense
He saved me
You're mistaken

-Chapter 8-
Scenario 4
Call Soji's name (3)
Give up
Scenario 7
I'm fine now(1)
Hold me more!
I'm sorry to make you worry
Extra Scenario 8 - Married Couple's Diary C08
Key (150 Platinum)
Scenario 15
We have to go (3)
Where are you going?
Are you on a date, Tota?

-Chapter 9-
Scenario 2
Are you going to introduce him to me? (1)
So you had a friend
Is this a close friend?
Scenario 6
Yeah, i work him
He keeps me on a short leash (1)
We scratch each other's back
Scenario 11
What are we going to eat tomorrow?
Mr. Arima (1)
Scenario 13☆ (Special Graphic) : 
Need 135 AP
Extra Scenario 14 - Married Couple's Diary C09
Key (150 Platinum)

-Chapter 10-
Scenario 2
Something important?
I'll make tea (1)
Can i join you?
Scenario 5
Let's trust Mr. Arima (1)
Do you want to go ask Me. Arima about it?
You're guaranteed to be the successor
Scenario 15
This isn't true, is it? (0)
Is this true?
I trusted you..

-Chapter 11-
Scenario 4
Are you threatening us?
This will just be chalked as to a misunderstanding
Those papers are fake
Scenario 10
Say nothing
Stop fooling around!
Don't worry about me
Scenario 14
Stop putting me on!
Are you serious?
What about your first love?

-Happy Ending-
Need 165 AP

Last updated : 30 November
*guess i was not lucky to picked 1 point answers 6 times in a row T_____T
*i will keep updating the walkthrough


  1. At Chapter 5, Scenario 7 the correct answer is "You think I'm pretty"

    1. thank you so much for correction Ava. :3
      have a good day. :)

  2. For Chapter Six, Scenario 15, I got three points for "Am I wrong?" So I believe the correct answer is, "I'm sorry for getting carried away."

    1. thank you so much Luna! ^^~
      i will update it soon <3

  3. Chapter 8 scenario 4, the answer is give up

    1. hello missmoon99,
      thank you for your correction~ <3

    2. 10.2 is Can I join, and 10.15 is I trusted you...
      Have a good holiday (:

    3. thank you dearr <3
      you too ^^~
      have a good holiday (if you're on your holiday) *wink* hihi. ;)

  4. And chapter 8 scenario 7 answer is "hold me more!". Darn, picked the worst option myself for both. Oh well, now we know.

    1. once again, thank you so much <3 <3 <3
      i'm so sorry to hear that. :(
      i'm glad that i met lots of kind-heart people here who willing to share <3
      have a nice day <3 <3 <3 *hugs*

    2. Thank you for thanking me (: chap 9 scen6 is the backscratching one :D

    3. thank you as always ^^~
      updated. <3

  5. For chapter 10 scenario 5, the correct answer would be "Do you want to go ask Mr. Arima about it?"

    You are guaranteed to be the successor gets +3

    1. hello anon ^^~
      thank you for the correction <3
      i just updated it ^^.
      see you around :D

  6. chapter 7 scenario 8, the answer is "get angry"
    and chapter 8 scenario 15, the answer is " are you on a Date, Toma?"

    1. hello anon ^^~
      thank you so much for correcting the answers <3
      have a good day !

  7. some of the answers aren't bolded. how do I know which one to pick? do I just pick the one that gives the 3 points then?

    1. hello anon ^^~
      sorry about that, this walkthrough is not complete yet. :D
      i still need correction for some answers >.<
      hmmm, if you want to play safe, you can just pick (3) point answer.
      but i will be really grateful if you try another answer and update me which one is the right answer.
      thank you <3

  8. chapter 9 scenario 2, the answer is " Is this a close friend?"
    and chapter 9 scenario 11 the answer is " What are we going to eat tomorrow?"

    1. hello anon, thank you so much for your contribution <3
      have a nice day and see you around ^^~


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