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[AskAzu] Sky : Secret Escape Event Summaries ( Be My Princess for GREE)

Letter :
This letter was sent 02 October

Reply :

Hello Sky ^^
i will gladly summaries it for you :3
since you didn't mention which princes you finished, so i will do all.
and i will skip the prologue.
here we go..

Will :
The King planned to deport MC from Philip, so Will asked her to elope with him and they ran away frantically from palace. They stayed in a cozy apartment for several days and lived a happy normal life, however MC felt uneasy. Next day, a news came out about the palace and a doubt that Will will leave his throne. After that, MC decided to told him what she felt. She asked Will to went back to the castle for his kingdom and his people. So they came back to the castle, asked the King for another chance and promised King that he could took care both his townspeople and MC. then, Will's & Pierre'scandal came out to cover the previous scandal. So, MC allowed to stay still in the Philip Kingdom as Will's private designer

Keith :
MC felt weird because everyone in the palace doesn't seems care with the scandal, especially Keith & Luke. Luke told her that scandal always happened, so she started to doubt Keith. Then, Keith & MC came to a noble party, there MC was bullied by some woman & guy, they also said that MC was just another woman which Keith has scandal with. After that, Keith brought her to his new apartment, they stayed there overnight. At night, MC found a hair fragrance for woman in Keith's belonging and she cried because she thought Keith has another woman. Next morning, Keith made a surprise for MC, she gave her the hair fragrance told her it's a gift that he picked by himself. MC laughed by herself and felt sorry that she doubt Keith.

Roberto :
Roberto planned to elope with MC, but MC shocked that he brought MC to her parent's house in Oriens. they stayed there and had a good time with MC's parents. Then, they went around for many days and made new memories in Oriens. However, somehow MC felt Roberto act weird. One day, MC couldn't find Roberto. She met Alberto in the entrance, and he explained that Roberto already went back to Altaria. But not only that, Alberto also told MC that Roberto asked her to not came back to Altaria. MC confused and asked Alberto what she did wrong or maybe she was deported because of the scandal. Alberto couldn't hold it any longer, he told MC that actually the King asked Roberto & MC to engaged, but Roberto reject it because he didn't want MC burdened with the hardship that she would face if they engaged. MC got mad and went back to Altaria, she told Roberto that he was a fool and she would gladly face the hardship if it let her stay with Roberto. So, they stayed in Altaria together.

Glenn :
The King asked MC to leave the palace for Glenn's sake because he's still young and the King is sure that Glenn will leave his throne without a doubt if it's for MC. But in the other part, Glenn always told her that he would face his people and made them accept their relationship, if it's not happened, he would just leave his throne and had a normal life with MC; like what his dad expected. But MC didn't want this, she didn't accept his idea and decided to leave the palace after the party that they held ended. Glenn was searching for MC crazily, then when he found MC in Charles, he told MC everything that he always thought and felt. He asked MC to stay with him. He wanted MC at least let him protect her and not handle everything by herself, Glenn confessed his feeling in the public and his feeling acknowledged by townspeople. Next day, the news became worldwide and people gave their blessing for them.

Joshy :
The King called both MC and Joshua regarding her scandal with Prince Leonardo from another country. Joshua couldn't accept this but the King asked them to leave it like this because he wanted to protect Joshua. Then, Leonardo came to Dres Van to invited MC to his country. Joshua asked her to go and in Leonardo's country (i forgot the name) all of the citizen were happy for them and gave them blessing. So in front of everyone, MC has to act as Leonardo's girlfriend.. But the most disappoint thing for MC is the fact that Joshua let her being with Leonardo. After bearing with it for a long time, MC couldn't handle her feeling anymore. Then, she lashed Joshua out. After that Joshua also realize it and couldn't handle his feeling anymore too. Then he announced to the media that MC is his girlfriend. Things went worse, but Joshua took care all of it.

Ed :
MC decided to let Ed announced that she's just one of a staff member and the photo is purposely taken so it looks like they were kissing. Because of that, people believe that it's just a media's trick, included the Head committee members of Charles ( i forgot what it called, they're important because they gave the decision for Ed) Then, the committee decided to marry Ed with an noble woman. The King felt sorry for Ed & MC because he couldn't do anything to object the decision. On the wedding day, Ed got an light accident but he forced to went to hospital. MC frantically made her way to the hospital. Then, when they met Ed's wife-to-be, Ed rejected the wedding and told her that MC was his girlfriend. The noble woman went crazy because MC was just a commoner. But, that what Ed love about MC, her kindness and modesty.

hope this is what you're searching for Sky-san ^^~ hehe~
sorry for the less detail. >w<
and thank you so much for your love towards the blog <3

With love,


  1. Thank you so much Azusa for the summaries that's exactly what i'm searching for and don't worry about the details the summaries are really good :) . Sorry i forget to mention which princes i finished. Again thank you for the great blog and for your time.

    1. glad to hear that Sky-san ^^~
      hehe. :D
      it's okay, i don't mind at all. :3
      thank you very much <3
      see you around Sky-san ^^ <3


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