Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[update]Dreamy Days in West Tokyo was out!

Gals! prepare to be broke! ;____;

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - screenshot
This game was out both in Ios & Android yesterday.

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - screenshot
which one should i choose? >w<

Happy Playing~


  1. OMG!~ Finally! But...ugh..I don't have money until Friday! TT^TT And I still don't know who to choose! I like Ichigo but also Haruki...hmmm..Takeshi looks so hot :D but Rihito looks so cute >_< Johji and Ryuzo seem mature >_< Aw man....this is the hardest decision! Maybe I should buy all of them D:

    1. yes~! finally~! XD~ unfortunately you only can choose haruki at the moment neiro-chan. :3
      they only release haruki. >w< ahahah. :3 i also can't choose. :3
      kekeke~ just buy them all. XD~

  2. This one looks interessting, but i am not particularly a fan of that art style, because they kinda look all the same from the other storys. Why is there no other game with the Princess-Style? :<
    And i was quite disappointed that you can only Haruki first, because he was the least one i was interessted...meh. I am more the tsundere/yankee-type (Ryuzo/Ichigo) and damn, look at Johji, mhm~

    1. hehe~ perhaps so?
      hmm, do you mean like Be My Princess? :3
      i agree, T___T
      i thought ichigo's route available. T____T
      ahahaha. :3
      let's wait patiently. XD

  3. Oh gosh I wish ichigos route comes out soon before I start spending my my money on other things :( but I'm glad they did a new otome game(^_−)−☆

    1. yes! me too XD~ i'm also waiting for Ichigo's route to come out.
      But right now voltage is planning to release Ryu's story first. :(
      so, we have to wait for another couple of week i think.
      don't spend your money first Nanami-san. >w< hihi~
      me too. :3
      i like the concept of this new game. :3


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