Friday, 25 October 2013

[walkthrough]Keithster - Halloween Event (BMP for GREE)

Prince Keith's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

Special Thanks to :

*currently only post the answer, will post the detail later

-Stage 1-
it suits you too well
Not at all
Get : 200 LF

-Stage 2
Talk to him
Watch in silence
Get : 200 LF

-Stage 3-
I want to go back to my old life
I want more confidence
Get : 200 LF

-Stage 4-
Happy Ending
Let's go back
What are we doing here?
Get : 200 LF

Normal Ending
Hug her from behind
Hold her down
Get : 200 LF

*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. Hi Azusa :)
    I read Keith's normal ending and I loved it :D

    The right answer for the normal ending is A.
    A) Hug her from behind
    B) Hold her down

    I hope that helps ^^

    1. hello anon ^^~
      glad that you love the event story. XD
      i hope i also have a chance to read Keith's story. :3

      thank you very much anon ^^~
      of course it's very helpful.!
      have a nice day <3

    2. U're welcome =D
      Have a nice day & good luck for the event ^^

    3. thank you very much ! you too ^^~
      let's do our best for the event. :3

  2. I've got some trouble with Keith's story. Well, there are some of the dialogues that are not translated in english. Its after Keith mistaken Laura for the MC. The MC saw them and say they look good together, force a smile and ran away. Does anyone have this problem or can tell me what the dialogues are?

    1. yes I have that problem too, I don't know if gree's gonna fix it ...

    2. hmm, have you send complain message to GREE?
      if you haven't, please send one because after read it they might fix it. :)
      hopefully they will fix things as soon as possible. :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I have send it immediately after I've encountered that problem

    5. good. :) they will held maintenance, hope they will fix it. :)


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