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[Walkthrough]Prince Wilfred - Star Festival Event (BMP for GREE)

Prince Wilfred's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

Special Thanks to :

-Stage 1-
Episode 1
Mission TLF : 500
Get : 200 GP
Stop holding hands
Ignore him and keep holding hands
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission TLF : 2000
Get : 300 GP

-Stage 2
Episode 2
Ask him who he is
Tell him the truth
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission : Star Heels (3000 Cruz)
Episode 4
Mission TLF : 4000
Get : 400 GP

-Stage 3-
Episode 2
All three of us will convince him
Take drastic action
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission TLF : 7500
Get : 500 GP
Episode 4
Mission : Embroidered Top (4500 Cruz)

-Stage 4-
Happy Ending : 8500 LF
Normal Ending : your current LF
Episode 2*Happy Ending
Mission TLF: 11500
Get : 600 GP
Episode 4
Look at the lodge
Look around
Get : 200 LF, CG, Letter
Episode 5
Mission TLF: 16000
Get : 1000 G
*Happy Ending Completion: Letter, Night Sky Dress
Episode 2*Normal Ending
Hold his hand
Jump over it by myself
Get : 200 LF
*Both Ending Completion: Letter, Goldfish Pouch

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  1. thanks for the walkthrough!!!!

    1. your welcome :) have a good time with Will ^^~

  2. the story so funny!! pillow fight with the princes... and then the pillow hits Claude

    1. hahahaha, yeah ! Claude was very mad because of it. XD But Claude is surely keep troubling MC & Will even in the festival. >.< Aaaa, Claude !

    2. hahaha and even the other princes were saying Claude is scary ^^|||| run for your life!!! XDDD

    3. lol, yes !! all of them are scared of Claude. hahaha. :)) Will's story is so funny. And i also love Will's story because i can see the other princes, XDDD~

  3. Thank yo so much for Wills walkthrough^^ will u keep uploading the other princes too? And the butlers? I will give you the answers i get with the others to help if u want^^
    Thanks again keep up the great job!

    1. yes, i will post another princes' and butlers' walkthrough while i'm playing their route. That's very kind of you Miaru-chan. ^^ i will gladly post it here on your behalf. Thank you very much for your kindness <3

    2. Hey no problem you're doing the same for us^^ I will gladly help you as much as i can! >w<
      I just finished Josh route though for now its just the HAPPY ENDING.
      The answers are: A)Say my idea A)Offer a wish paper to Joshua B)Call out for him to stop and go after him B)Its because youre walking ahead
      Keep up the good work!

    3. thank you very much Miaru-chan <3 i will post it in here on your behalf. XD you too ! have a good day <3

    4. You're very welcome Asano-chan^^ im really glad to help in your wonderfull blog!
      Oh! and i have Edward HAPPY ENDING too if u wanna use it feel free to^^
      The answers are: A)I'll feed it to you A)I made art A)Alright I'll go B)It doesn't hurt too much anymore
      I hope i was of some assistance to you^^ I love your blog <3

    5. aaaa ! thank you very much Miaru-chan XDD~ now, all the walkthroughs complete. XD i'm really grateful for your help. Sure, i'll gladly post Ed's Walkthrough on your behalf! I can't thank you enough. X3 <3 Hope you find this blog useful for you XD

      Anyway, it's very nice to meet you <3

    6. Hehe^^ Its a pleasure to help you for a change, since i use a lot ur walkthroughs is the less i can do to show my gratitude x3 Since i have to do Joshua's and Ed's routes again i will give you the normal answers so you can complete the walktroughs with detail^^
      Oh! and its really nice to meet you too <3

    7. hehe, it's really nice to share each other (‐^▽^‐).
      ahahaha, yes, thank you very much Miaru-chan ! i will do their normal route too, but i want to finish all the princes first.
      hope you have a nice day (๑・ω-)~♥”

    8. Sure thing!^^ Im not as fast as you but if i can help in some way ill try my best!! >\\<

    9. i'm not that fast Miaru-chan. >.<
      thank you very much, XD let's do our best in the event !
      ganbatte ne ! :)


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