Friday, 10 May 2013

[update]A Star Festival Date Event (BMP for GREE)

Star Festival also known as Tanabata Festival in Japanese.
The festival celebrated as an honor of ancient story of the stars Vega and Altair.
Vega is a princess weaver and Altair is a herdsman, they met and fall in love each other.
The Emperor of Heaven (her father) was pleased at first, but he become angry when they started neglecting their job.
Then her father decided to separate them by a Milky Way (River of Stars).
So, the lovers only can met once a year, on the seventh night of seventh month.

That's the story behind Tanabata Festival.
Do you wish to be his Vega and only meet once a year?
The event starts :
10 May - 23 May
Now, it's your turn to enjoy the Festival with the princes.

1. Star festival with Princes
the first of all to begin the event, 
of course you have to choose your Altair.
But wait..
You will not only spend the festival with the princes,
but you also will spend it with their butlers by choosing the normal ending !

2. Rewards
There are three rewards that given in this event.
First of all is completion rewards
(i really want Vega's hair & the kimono ! X3)
Second is early completion rewards.
to get these, you have to finish 6 princes' happy ending before :
17 May
3 Prince Completion : 1000 LF
4 Prince Completion : 3000 GP
Then, last but not least is the Full Completion Rewards.
When you finish all the endings of all princes (happy and normal).
You will get Star Festival BG, Mini Epilogue and Starry Sky Gown.

3. Send a Card
Like the rest of Voltage's events, you also can send a card to the princes.
Tell them how you anticipated the festival with them. 
If you want to send the card, you need to buy it with 150C for each card.
(there are 6 princes so there are 6 cards that you can send)
What will you get if you send the card?
First, you will get a full course meal with give 100 Strength to help you with the event
Second, the Prince will reply your card on 23 May

4. Gacha
Collect all the furniture so chibi princes will come to your room with their yukata !
Here are the item list
(i want closet space instead of storage space, ;_;)

Now, what're you waiting for?
Spend this weekend with the beloved princes !
Wish you have a great time with the princes.
Happy Star Gazing !

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