Monday, 20 May 2013

[update]My Forged Wedding Season 2 and Office Secret is out !

Ladies, brace yourself~
because Voltage just release new game!
First, My Forged Wedding Season 2 is out !
Yamato's main story for season 2 just updated on ios !
Check it out ladies~

Second , Voltage just release Office Secret !
The story of Office Secret is about you as MC who're working at well-known company and transferred to new department and met TOP co-workers. Then the secret between you and co-workers happen. 
download : ios 

Anyway, i have bad news..
all those games are not out yet in android. ._.
i'm not patient enough to wait My Forged Wedding Season 2 ! >w<


  1. OMG!! My Forged Wedding season 2!! OMG OMG I WANT IT!! Sooo cool i cant wait to play it!! >\\<
    WHY?! Why didnt they released it on android yet?!
    Whyyyyyyyyy *rolls on the floor* Yamatoooo!! I want youuuu \(>w<)/

    1. yes !! XDDD i'm so excited also !
      lol, voltage is kind of unfair. most of the time they will update Ios first.
      then several days later or even a week, then they just update android version.
      just wait patiently. X3

    2. Its out Azusa-chan its out!! >\\< Its out in android and with a trial when you can watch chapter 1-5 of: Yamato, Saeki and Takao for free!! Just for a limited time!! Period: 5/23 to 6/30!! Check it out as soon as you can!! x33

    3. Wait a second... The trial its just for the main history of Yamato, Saeki and Takao... How dissapointing i already have those ¬.¬ ...
      Oh well! Atleast we have Yamato main story for season 2!! >\\< Soooo exciting!!

    4. lol, i'm waiting for Yuta's story. >w<
      should i buy Yamato's route? is the story nice Miaru-chan? :3
      lol, still disappointing because it's only until chapter 5. X3
      hahaha, is Yamato your favorite ? XD
      anyway, happy playing <3

    5. Yes!! Yamato its my favorite^^ I love teasing guys like Ryoichi in Seduced in the sleeples city plus i think he's really hot >\\<
      For the main story i have: Yamato, Saeki, Ren and Takao plus i have Yamato's sequel and im gonna buy the one for Yamato in season 2 and it deppends, though i think you wont be dissapointed if you buy Yamato's history, what type of guy do you like Azusa-chan? x3

    6. lol, i think Ryoichi resembles Saeki in My Forged Wedding (except the honey honey part)
      Two of them are sadist. XD
      I'm planning to buy Yamato too because i like his personality. XD
      i don't really have any particular type of guy..
      I played Voltage games and have different favorite type of guy.
      Will, Takkun, Mirai, Shion, Haru, Yuta.. i think it's just random. lol
      hbu? do you like tsun-tsun type like Yamato? XD

    7. Totally xD I just can resist to them!! >\\<
      As for Saeki and Ryoichi, I played Ryochi and Saeki's story and i think Saeki was more softy than Ryoichi xD I love them though^^
      Oh! But i must say from LLFTX i loved Takkun and Riki x3
      Riki its tsun tsun thats for sure but Takkun... I dont know how to describe him xD

    8. lol, i don't really like tsun-tsun type.
      but i really can't resist Takkun & Hayato. >///<
      yes ! Ryoichi is more mischievous >w<
      i prefer Ryoichi than Saeki, :3

      i thought Takkun is supposed to be tsun-tsun type ? :3
      because he always get pissed off and say meanie things. XD
      I think Riki is also flawless, lol. he's even a husband material :3

    9. Indeed *noods* i had a lot of fun with Takkun though xD it was so hylarious when you talked to him during the meal and he choked everythime xD But i feeled really bad on Rikis route.. Takkun was in love too U~U
      I wanted to have both!! >\\<

    10. lol, i love seeing him chocked. hahahaha. :))
      yes ! i really love Riki's route when Takkun is crazy about MC.
      i wish i could choose takkun instead of Riki on Riki's main story. :3
      kekeke~ i just want takkun~ X3
      he's so cute on Riki's route, he's really looks like Riki's younger brother though. XD


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