Monday, 20 May 2013

[Walkthrough]Mizuki-The Sweetest Wedding(MSB for GREE)

Mizuki's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

-Stage 1-
Episode 1
Mission Total LF : 200
Get : 200 GP
Episode 2
A wedding dress
A white kimono
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission : Bag with Side Ribbon (500 Ender)
Episode 4
Have Mizuki get my food for me
Get my own food
Get : 200 LF
Mission Total LF : 1000
Get : 300 GP, Letter

-Stage 2-
Episode 1
Mission Total LF : 2500
Get : 400 GP
Episode 2
At my part time job
He's friend of my father's
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission : Sweet butterflies (1000 Ender)
Episode 5
Give him randomly
Tell him i don't know
Get : 200 LF, Letter

-Stage 3-
Episode 1
Pull Mizuki up
Stay still
Get : 200 LF
Episode 2
Mission Total LF: 6000
Get : 500 GP
Episode 3
Mission : Orange Ribbon Hair clip (6000 Ender)
Episode 4
Look for a band-aid
Wrap handkerchief around it
Get : 200 LF, Letter

-Stage 4- 
Secret Happy Ending : ?? LF
*i couldn't see the required LF since my LF higher
Episode 1
Mission Total LF: 11000
Get : 600 GP
Episode 2
About an international incident
About Luigi
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Excuse my rudeness
Explain that it was a misuderstanding
Get : 200 LF
Episode 4
Tell him i really can't take anything
Say anything is fine
Get : 200 LF
Mission Total LF: 17500
Get : 1000 GP
Episode 5
Secret Happy Ending Completion : Chapel by the Sea


  1. Hi there Asuza-chan!^^ I couldnt help more with the other event of BMP so heres a little pay back for it: Subaru's route to the happy ending with both answers!! x3

    A) Its your fault*
    B) You're imagining it

    A) Stop please*
    B) You're quite the joker

    A) I was making myself drinking it
    B) I dont want some now*

    A) Im fine*
    B) Im a bit tired

    A) ...*
    B) He has money

    A) Im happy*
    B) Maybe I just have cold feet

    A) I didnt want to cause you trouble*
    B) I was thinking about Subaru

    A) That's very pasionate*
    B) So, you love me?

    PD: the option with the * is the right option to choose ;3

    1. thank you so much Miaru-chan ;_;
      i couldn't keep up with MSB event.
      Looks like i'm just not lucky enough on this event, lol. XD
      it's okay, i've covered all Star Festival Event Walkthrough. X3
      Thank you for letting me post it here <3

    2. I know how you feel U.U they put so many events at the same time that its really dificult to keep track of everyone of them... For me its been really hard too xD if im able to keep going i'll let u the answers here^^ And no problem im really glad i can help ur wonderful blog x3

    3. ;_; yeah.
      i'm really grateful that Voltage doesn't held an event on Celebrity Darling.
      hahaha. good luck Miaru-chan ! XD
      good luck for both of us ! *cheers*
      hahahaha. XD
      thank you very much <3
      you're also wonderful >.O

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  3. This was very helpful, thank you. Does anyone know where I can find the sora walkthrough?

    1. currently i'm playing Sora's route :)
      you can check it on here :
      but the walkthrough is not complete yet, i will keep updating it ^^~


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