Wednesday, 1 May 2013

[update]One Night Kiss Event (CD for GREE)

Brace yourself guys,
The first event on Celebrity Darling is launched !
This event started on
30 April - 14 May, 8.00am (UTC)
Certainly, Celebrity Darling is different from the rest Voltage GREE games.
What's the different? Check this out !

1. Characters
You can choose listed characters below
After you choose the characters,
you will proceed to the story.
The story system is quite different from others.
In here, each characters have 10 stages to pass.
( 1 stage = 1 story )
Every stages has mission, 
either it's Love Point mission or Clothes mission
(i hate this)

2. Love Point
Same like the other Voltage's GREE games,
they use Love Point for events.
and to increase Love Points, you have to do Lip Makeup.
(another name for a battle, Audition)
But the different in this event is..
Voltage put side stories that you can get for winning Lip Makeup for certain numbers.
(sounds very tempting, kekeke~ but why Haru's is the last one. T^T)

3. Rewards
You can't forget about reward while playing events.
There are two three rewards in this event,
first it the early completion rewards.
You can get the reward if you complete 4 characters Happy Ending before :
7 May, 08.00am (UTC)
( Special Stage Costume, Charm : 150 )
Another one second is each characters completion rewards.
Third is Ranking rewards
(don't forget to buy closet, lol. bad Voltage is bad.. T^T)

4. Furniture Gacha
There are 4 different Furniture Gachas in this event.
Normal collection (unlocked from the beginning)
Rare collection (finish 2 character to unlock)
Premium collection (finish 4 character to unlock)
Secret collection (finish 5 character to unlock)
Maybe the rest gachas will be unlocked when you finish certain numbers of characters.

Overall, what can i say is..
This event is quite troublesome and suck.
First, every stages of the story has mission.
Second, I heard that there's no CG at all
(Really no CG at all)
Third, I think it needs to buy coins to complete all stories.
( I changed my mind since Voltage held Audition Fever >w< )
I really don't know why Voltage makes Celebrity Darling more difficult than the rest.
It's like everything is about coins.. ._.
Personally i don't really enjoy playing Celebrity Darling,
but i'm trying to search the interesting part of this game.
I love Be My Princess more and My Sweet Bodyguard is next. 
and totally no for Ninja Love GREE. XD
Then, this is the end.

Happy Playing guys~
( i found the stories are interesting, now i can't stop playing~ lol)
Edit : 4 May

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