Thursday, 23 May 2013

[Walkthrough]Haru-A Sweet Memory Event (CD for GREE)

Haru's Walkthrough
(options that i bold is the right answer)
(LP: Love Points; TLP: Total Love Points)

Stage 1
Mission TLP: 200
Get : Gourmet Lunch (+100 Strength)
I want to hear their stories
i can't imagine they did it
Get : 200 LP, 

Stage 2
Mission TLP : 500

Stage 3
Mission TLP :1000++ 
Get : 1000 Salary
What kind of place is it?
I prefer to stay like now.
Get : 200 LP

Stage 4
Mission : Trekking Shoes (2500 Salary)

Stage 5
Mission TLP: 2500
That was pretty amazing driving!
That was pretty freaky, huh!
Get : 200 LP

Stage 6
Mission TLP: 4000
Get : 1000 Salary

Stage 7
Mission : Coat with fur (2500 Salary)

Stage 8
Mission TLP : 7000
Sit in front of Shindo
Sit behind Shindo
Get : 200 LP

Stage 9
Mission TLP : 11000

Stage 10
Mission TLP : 17000
Get : Letter, Haru Furniture Gacha
Happy Ending Completion : Classic Black and White

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