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[Walkthrough]Prince Roberto - Star Festival Event (BMP for GREE)

Prince Roberto's Walkthrough
( options that i bold is the right answer)

Special Thanks to :

-Stage 1-
Episode 2
Mission TLF : 500 | 17000 | 36600 |  58300
Get : 200 GP
Episode 3
Get : 200 LF
Episode 4
Mission TLF : 2000 | 19000 | 38400 | 60400
Get : 300 GP

-Stage 2
Episode 2
Can i believe him?
Me too
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission : Star Collar (3000 Cruz)
Episode 4
Mission TLF : 4000 | 21400 | 40800 | 63200
Get : 400 GP

-Stage 3-
Episode 1
Tell him that Ren is struggling
Keep talking
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission TLF : 7500 | 25250 | 45000 | 68100
Get : 500 GP
Episode 4
Mission : Star Patterned Shirt (4500 Cruz)

-Stage 4-
Happy Ending : 8500 LF | 22000 LF | 31500 LF | 40000 LF
Normal Ending : your current LF
Episode 2*Happy Ending
Feed it to him
Say "why don't you eat some?"
Get : 200 LF
Episode 3
Mission TLF: 11500 | 29650 | 49800 | 73700
Get : 600 GP,
Episode 5
Mission TLF: 16000 | 34600 | 55200 | 80000
Get : 1000 G, Letter, CG
*Happy Ending Completion: Letter, White Cat Mask
Episode 2*Normal Ending
No, No I'm not.
Of course not
Get : 200 LF
*Both Ending Completion: Letter, Star Summer Kimono

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  1. thank you thank you!! arigato gozaimasu!!!

    1. you're welcome, have a nice day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  2. hello, thank you for ur walkthrough. i always see ur blog.
    i did normal too.
    you can add this.
    1. N,No I'm not (got 200)
    2. Of course Not

    TY for ur walkthrough (^_^)/

    1. your welcome Melisa, ^^~
      i'm glad that it's useful for you. :)
      ah ! thank you very much ! XD~
      i'll post it here on your behalf. XD
      have a good time with the princes & butlers. <3

    2. yes, u're playing too fast. i just ended 2 normal. i want to complete all, but can't :(

      also, i did will's normal route :
      i forgot the real text, but the option like this:
      take claude's hand (got LF)
      jump by yourself

      btw, are u playing with tab or phone?
      i just knew that we can play on PC. but i got problem, i can't read the story. if u play with pc too, do u have same problem as me?
      thanks ^^

    3. sorry for the late reply Melisa-chan. >.<
      anyway, i just got some help from last events and i collect all gacha points and meals. >.<
      good luck ! we still have more time ! XD

      okay !
      i will post it later on your behalf ^^~
      thank you very much for your help. <3

      i'm playing with my tab.
      ah yeah, i found a link to play through PC.
      all of voltage's GREE games has a link that can be accessed through PC.
      but as far as i tried, i only can open Be My Princess.
      i can't open My Sweet Bodyguard & Celebrity Darling. >.<

  3. it's ok, u're always welcome ^^

    i want to complete glenn normal n happy :(
    now, i'm playing with ed. still aiming happy LoL
    oh, so u can read story playing with PC?

    I also wondered, many ppl use sound as a background on their video (BMP)
    when u play BMP, there's no sound right?

    1. hehe~
      it's very sweet of you ^^~

      you still have more time to complete glenn's route. :)
      ganbatte ! XD i finished Ed's route just because i want the Vega hair. >w<
      yes, i found all the link but i only can play Be My Princess. >.<
      i will post the link later. :)

      the GREE version doesn't have any BGM, for the paid-version yes. :)
      usually they just put the music by themselves. >.<

    2. ok, i'll wait lol >.<

      i just finish ed's happy route n aiming normal now. yes, i want vega's hair, haha.
      Ed is so sweet, but he is not my type. ht is too kind. i love Will, but before i love josh, he is too romantic.
      i hope i can complete glen's route. i want those eyes :(
      L24H is here, maybe I could. Amien.

      oh, the music sounds so nice :)

    3. good luck Melisa !
      I know you can do it ! :3
      or maybe i could help you by becoming your event mate?
      but how to find event mate with name?
      ... anyway, just find my name, Azusa.
      what's your name on BMP ? :)
      i will accept your request. >w<

      lol, Ed is totally not my type.
      he's just like a prince from another world, but i like his gentleness. :3
      *highfive* i also love Will ! <3
      Joshy is too scientific, but he's cute somehow X3.

      yes, usually they will choose the music by themselves. :D
      but i prefer to use the original BGM from Voltage.
      some of the uploader still using the original BGM though. :)

  4. Thank You Asano :)
    my mate now is at limit T^T
    I also don't know how to invite just know the name.
    I think we can add friends by facebook, twitter, email, QR Code, so on? :D
    my name in BMP is Haine, hahaha
    my princess mate also at limit LoL
    i will increase my friends limit.

    same, not my type. from another world, like an alien? hahhaa
    ur 1st prince is Will? hehehe, 2nd? 3rd - 6th?

    original BMP? would you like to give me the music link? xD

    1. you're welcome Miaru-chan :)
      i see,
      really? i just know that they use QR code. ._.
      how do i find the QR code ? >w<
      is it from GREE account?
      anyway, i can't find you ;_;

      lol, yes ! i really don't know what he's talking about.
      he said fairy something before if i'm not wrong ._.
      yes ! lol, Will is flawless X3
      After Will is my beloved Glenn XD
      i only have 1st and 2nd though.
      the rest is okay for me, maybe 6th is Ed? (i'm so sorry Ed. ;_;)
      how about you? Who's your favorite Prince? >w<

      Sure ! :)
      i will post the link here, ;)

    2. Miaru? haha
      yes, using QR Code from gree account. do u have gree account?
      if u have, i think we can be friends there and it made us easy to be friend :)
      me too, can't find you T^T

      hahaha, Ed is too kind, that's why i'm not interested on him.
      Actually, i loved Joshua, because he looks so naughty and stubborn. but the real thing he is too romantic. the story like we are having xxx?
      but after having cherry blossom event, i change my prince. will's route is so sweet. that's why i love will now.
      he is the true prince. cool, mature, also get jealous easily, sometimes childish.
      yes yes, flawless for us, hahaha. if he was exist. but i already have BF LoL

      1st : Will, idk the 2nd-4th. 6th also Ed.
      Glenn is so cute too, Alan is the cutest.
      Roberto, just saw him makes me want him more. he is attracting.
      Keith, his coldness is really cool also arrogant. not too honest. haha
      5th : Josh (crazy right? 1st to 5th, haha)

      but i've never played keith route :( since keith's award not really important to me. after completing glenn's normal, "maybe" i'll play keith's route.

      sorry, i'm so happy talking about BMP, hahha

      ok, TY. i'll check it :)

    3. aaaaaa. T^T
      i'm so sorry Melisa-chan. T^T
      i called you wrong, i'm so sorry. T^T
      *hit my head to the wall* ;_;
      really really sorry. ;_;

      yey~ my GREE account is Asano Azusa too >w<
      lol, world is so huge. XD

      really? is Joshy really that romantic? ._.
      i thought he is a serious and scientific type of person.
      kind of unbelievable, :3
      Will is always sweet <3
      he's the King of the princes, like what Roberto said, lol.
      aww~ it's so nice to have BF X3
      then i will gladly take my Will, XD ahahaha.

      lol, now i wonder if compare to the rest of Princes, Ed is the last. :3
      i totally agree that Alan is the cutest ! XD
      for Roberto, i don't really like the story, but i like Roberto-Alberto, the duo comedian. lol, they always make me laugh with their joke. XD
      Keith is such a tsun-tsun, kind of cute when he blush =w=
      Joshy.. i don't have any comment. maybe i just haven't find his charm point yet. lol, how come he's from first then become the second last??

      lol, then we're same. I also choose the princes based on reward. =w=
      except Will and Glenn, Will is definitely the first prince that i would choose. second is Glenn >w<
      the rest, i choose based on their completion reward. :3

      lol, it's okay, >w<
      i'm also so happy talking about BMP with you <3
      i will post it as soon as possible, :)
      hopefully by this week >w<

    4. lol, it's ok, i've ever made mistake too :)

      already added you ^^

      i think u play cherry blossom event with josh right?
      there he is too romantic for me. the last stage. i read that we naked. x_x
      yes, king of princes. but will said no, don't mind what he said, i'm prince. haha
      u don't have BF? how old are u? I'm 20, will be 21 soon ^^

      Roberto and Alberto? haha yes. but i like the story ^^
      my 1st time to play with roberto.
      actually, i'm newbie since cherry blossom event xD
      (nod nod) he is hot. bishie
      haha i told u, too romantic. but idk maybe i will like him again. haven't played his route for this event lol

      same with me. I chosed Will first too this event. the goldfish is kind of cute for me. so it's ok.
      i want those eyes from glenn :) and already got it, next time will use, yay!!

      josh reward is not so good. now, i'm playing keith's route. wanna know him better :) my 1st time playing his route.

      okie, hehe (´ω`♡%)

    5. >w< hihihi, guess i'm a human after all. lol

      yep ! i saw it, X3
      then, how do i connect GREE friend list to BMP? :|

      yes, i played Joshy's route on Cherry Blossom event.
      but now i kind of forget, lol. >w<
      i remember all story but for Joshy.. totally forget. ;_;
      lol, seems he's not as weird as i thought. >w<
      hahaha, Will is humble as usual or maybe he just want to end the conversation as soon as possible so he could spend more time with MC. lol
      no, i don't have. >w<
      currently not searching for BF, i want to focus on study then work first. XD
      BF will come when it's the time. :3
      I will be 20 this year, *sigh* =w=
      wow, we're just 1 year apart. XD

      ahahaha, then i should welcome you !
      welcome to Charles Kingdom, Melisa-chan. hihi XD
      i see. XD Joshy in this event is so cute :3
      but still can't be compared to my Will <3 >///<
      lol, i don't really like the goldfist. >w<
      i like Vega's hair although i don't really like to play Ed's route. ._.
      congrat~ X3
      Did you have a good time with keithster? XD
      he always mad with no reason, please don't take his words too seriously. XD

    6. haha, i commented at your char. -> yo Azusa. haha
      u can see that from mates list, find princess mates, friends :)

      yes yes, it's Will after all ^____^
      yes, hahaha. i was born in sept, 1992. u?

      actually, i'm private designer for Will now, ahahaha ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
      yes, i think josh is cute in this event. he is stubborn ya? like keith. we are stubborn too in this game.
      haha, Will is our number 1 (´∇ノ`*)ノ

      oh ic.
      keith, it's about finding that place. it's really really beautiful place. also, he is too hot. *nosebleed
      yes he is. he just can't be so honest. that keith (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

    7. i just saw it, XD
      ah, i see. thank you telling me. :3
      i was botn in Sept 93, >w<

      so now you're playing Will's main story ? XD
      hahaha, he's so stubborn, but that's what makes him cute. X3
      lol, yes ! we're stubborn too ,hahhaha. XD
      of course <3

      hahahaha, yes ! the story is so nice <3
      and the way he treat the MC also quite possesive, lol. XD
      he's tsun-tsun after all. XD

    8. welcome ^_^
      eh, we are both sept. YAY!! ur zodiac is virgo or libra?

      ya, he is against Claude. i wonder why claude is so scary, haha
      why don't u post main story with will? hehe


    9. mine is virgo. :)
      hbu Melisa?

      hahaha, because it's his charm. :3
      hmmm? post Will's main story?
      do you mean the walkthrough?

    10. i'm libra. but sometimes i see it virgo. so, not really sure :3

      haha, maybe. but i think he likes MC too even a little bit ;)
      yes, walkthrough. i wonder how to get secret or happy ending. is it in the same route or we have to repeat playing 4x? @.@

    11. so it's kind of in the middle? :3
      hahahaha. X3

      lol, in every story everyone like MC. >.<
      oohh i see, :3
      i also haven't finish Will's route on GREE because currently i'm stuck with 36000 Cruz mission.
      but i got S compatibility with Will. >w<
      I will spare some time to post it, but later..
      i don't know when though.. ;_;

    12. yes, hahaha (*≧▽≦)

      yes, we are so popular >.<
      all butlers love MC too right? even Alan love us too ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

      ah, me too, still 30k lol. but i don't want to collect 36k, maybe around 45k then continue. i want to save it if there's event lol.

      me too, already S, hehehe
      eh eh, my question about the ending. we have to play 4x? 〈(゜。゜)

    13. hahaha, lol.
      it doesn't make sense. :))
      hahhahaha. yes <3 Alan is such a baby <3

      wow, that's a lot.
      i always spent my cruz for event, that's why i'm stuck at main story. :(
      anyway there will be a new event coming soon i guess. >w<

      you mean if you want to get all 4 ending?
      yes, you have to play 4 times. >w<
      that's why i only targeting the sweetest ending. :3
      there are sweet ending, happy ending, normal ending and bad ending.

    14. hahaha.

      yes, new event will come after MT. i need to collect more for main story :)

      yes, 4 ending. 4x @.@
      but the items are same or different? i mean the clothes. there are just 2 option, sweet or normal while there are 4 endings.

      yes, i aim sweet ending, wanna get special item :D

    15. yess, i hope GREE stop holding event for 1 month,
      so i can focus on my main story. =__=
      i also have problem with the closet because too much reward, but no space. ;_;

      yeesss, all the items are same. :3
      so don't throw away the clothes if you want to re-play the story.
      because in the end you need to buy the same clothes again. @.@
      yes~ i also want to get the special item. kekeke~ :3

    16. oh i see. but next event will come soon. hahaha
      me too, i got many items but no spaces, so i deleted some items T.T
      but i already bought 30 closet, hehe
      why don't u buy it too? 400 coins lol

      me too, i saw someone got philip's hall. maybe it's from main story.
      i throw Chiffon Top & Leather Bag Set T.T the 1st dress. but after that, i keep it because of high charm.

      azusa, where do u come from? i'm from indonesia and utc+7. wbu?

    17. yes ! not it's time for the event Melisa ! :3
      lol, i keep the items on the delivery box until i got some space then i receive it. -w-
      wow, i don't really want to spend my money on GREE,
      i prefer to bought the non-gree story instead waste it for GREE. >w<

      is it a BG? >w<
      just throw away every clothes which has charm below 50. >w<
      i prefer to not say anything about this. :D

    18. oh, isn't it 1 week until we receive? :(
      oh why? what's the difference between gree or non gree?

      yes, BG :)

      okie understood *nod

      even special item from will? u will dispose? 20 charm from mirror.

    19. for the furniture gacha yes, it'll stay in the delivery box for 1 month.
      but for the rewards or completion item, it still in the delivery box until you receive it. :D
      so that means i still have the item, but i keep it in the delivery box. :3
      of course i can't wear it though.
      but never mind, as long as i still have the items until i get a space for my closets. >w<

      GREE version is free, you can play it without using your money.
      for non-gree, you have to purchase it.
      but there's no mission at all, you don't need to collect avatar items, no need love pass to read the story because you purchase the whole story. :3
      i love non-gree version more because i don't need to wait until i have enough cruz or wait until next day to proceed next story . >w<
      i just need to buy the whole story for each characters and enjoy playing it from the 1st episode until the end. >w<
      both gree & non-gree has different story.
      in Gree version, they have main story and event.
      in non-gree they have main story, epilogue, spin off, sequel, etc. :3

      i want the BG, :3
      thank you for your understanding Melisa-chan <3
      lol, i discard all i guess. @.@
      but i keep the last 2 furniture gachas from Will's route since it's nice & has high charm (around 200++) kekeke~
      i still have some clothes with 45 charm because i like it. :3
      the rest i just throw away and keep all clothes which has charm more than 100. hehe~

    20. me too, i've ever kept it until i bought closet space.

      ooh, but i prefer online games lol

      me too, want to have BG, i don't have 1 :(
      welcome Asano (⌒▽⌒)☆

      oh, u discard, i think i'll discard too. because of low charm T.T

      alright, i'll do the same (*≧▽≦)

      from will's route? what items? i didn't see it.
      about bronze statue, u kept it? i think it's cute but low charm T.T
      still in my deliv lol

      oh yeah, how to know ur reply here? i check this place, but idk how to see notifications? is there?

    21. yes, hehehe :3
      that's my cheating way to keep all the completion rewards. >w<
      than we're a bit different. :3
      personally i don't like to accomplish the mission to proceed the story,
      because i will forget what was the last story. ;_;

      hahaha, :3
      it's from Will's main route. >w<
      i kept all the statue because it's cute and i have lots of storage space,
      it's about 70 something because of the last event gacha. ;_;
      yes, i'm so sad that it's low, only 20 charm. :(

      that's what i'm searching for right now. >w<
      i have problem with that also.
      now, i'm searching for a plugin to directly send the reply comment to their email.
      i'll figure it out soon. :3

    22. haha, i did that too. now i have more space for closet so i don't need to worry. in future must buy again i think.
      haha, yes.

      i'll find it later. wow, so much. i have around 80's but it full now. must dispose some, i want to collect of those statues since it's cute.

      okie dokie, i think, we have to chat now. hehe.
      i saw ur warning lol. thank you to follow me, it's easy to talk now i think ^_^

    23. yes :3
      hahahaha, XD

      i got it Melisa,
      you're signing with you google account right?
      you can just click subscribe by email below the comment box. :3
      the reply will go to your email directly. :3

      eh? you mean the Askme page? :3
      if you have question about the games, go there Melisa.
      because i will post the answer to this blog so everyone can read it. :3
      thank you for being a good friend for me, i'm so happy that i have you XD

    24. OMG, that's why i think that too. it's not good to talk here, but i don't know how to talk to you then :3

      yes,'i'll subscribe too ^^

      me too, happy to have you. tee-hee 。◕‿◕。


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