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[extra]Ouji-sama no Propose/Prince's Proposal Drama CD

I'm bringing up the Drama CD of Be My Princess which was stored in my archive folder from long time ago.
These Drama CD contain 4 tracks of mp3 audio.

Okamoto Nobuhiko as Will
Morikubo Showtaro  as Keith
Kimura Ryouhei as Roberto
Sakurai Takahiro as Glenn
Midorikawa Hikaru as Joshua
Namikawa Daisuke as Edward
(You can download the CD from this blog : Celestermoon )

I was searching for English Translation for this and i found someone translating it.
(The link of English translation is under the track name)
01 ヒロインを救え ! ~ 王子のキャンパス潜入捜査 ! ?
-. Save the Heroine ! Prince's Campus Undercover
[ENG] No Translation Yet

02 王子のお仕事 1 ~三カ国友好同盟★記者会見 ~
-. Prince's Job, Press Conference of Alliance of Three Countries.
[ENG] No Translation Yet

03 王子のお仕事 2 ~ チャリティー猫カフェ★ご訪問 ~
-. Prince's Job, Visiting the Cat Cafe Charity
[ENG] Yuvi's tumblr
(The CD (audio/mp3) starts from Reporter's translation : All of you bla bla bla..
then go back to first paragraph when Will starts talking
after Keith say yeah, continue to his dialog, why must we bla bla bla..
next go back to Josh's it can't be helped bla bla bla..
and jump to Josh's next dialog, If i tell her bla bla bla..)

04 もしも王子が兄弟だったら…
-. If the Princes are your siblings
[ENG] Yuvi's tumblr

If i find other's english translation, i will put the link here. 
PS: Pretty pretty thanks for people who share the CD & do the translation(●´∀`)ノ♡

After i heard it,
I feel that Joshua's voice actor is so perfectly fit him!
Will, Ed and Glenn voice actors also suit they personality well.
(i really love Will's & Glenn's (。♥‿♥。) )
I'm okay with Keith & Roberto, but totally no for Zain/Zen. 
I don't like Zain's voice actor ;_; it makes Zain aged a lot.

i just realize that the voice actors are quite well-known,

Okamoto Nobuhiko, 
Will's VA also do voice acting role as Usui Takumi from Kaichou-wa Maid Sama

Morikubo Showtaro, 
Keith's VA also do voice acting role as Okita Souji from Hakuouki !! kyaaa~ o(≧▽≦)o He's also do Kadaj's Final Fantasy VII, wow !

Sakurai Takahiro
Glenn's VA is my favorite among all (i guess, lol) he do voice acting role for awesome characters, Haseo's Hack GU, Suzaku's Code Geass, Cloud's Final Fantasy VII, Izumo's K Project, Claude's Kuroshitsuji, Haruka's Tactics and many more. Hmm.. no wonder why i feel familiar with the voice. 

Midorikawa Hikaru, 
Joshua's VA also do voice acting role as Yoh's Starry Sky, Yukito's Air, Akihiko's Persona Trinity Soul (。♥‿♥。), Hao's Shaman King and Tokiya's Flame of Recca. 

Namikawa Daisuke
Edward's VA also do voice acting role as Yashiro's K Project, Yu's Persona 4, Jellal's Fairy Tail, Hiso
ka's HunterXHunter (what?!) O_O unbelievable..

I feel sorry for Roberto's Voice Actor,
i don't really know the characters that he does. ;_;
To end this post, i just want to say that i really anticipate if Voltage make it to movie. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Ciao guys~


  1. Thank you so much for this!! The history with the kittys was soooo funny and cute! >///< I loved Will, Keith and Joshua's voice, though i think they all were nicely picked except for Zain ¬.¬ It made him sound waaaaaay more old.

    1. you're welcome Miaru-chan. XD
      we should thank both of the uploader and translator. :)
      i just post their work here. :3
      yes ! Joshua's voice is really suit him. >w<
      I agree with that, Why they make Zain sounds really old, ;_;
      I was anticipating Zain's voice as well, but it doesn't turn out as what i thought.

  2. Epic XD! Hisoka's seiyuu voiced Prince Edward lol. Wait.., does this mean Jellal and Hisoka are voiced by the same actor all along???!!!! o.O

    1. yes !
      this seiyuu is incredible. lol
      how come he can do Ed & Hisoka with the different tone, etc. >w<
      i still can't imagine Ed has the same voice with Hisoka & Jellal. >w<

  3. oh, i know who kimura ryohei is! he is the seiyuu of kise ryota in kuroko no basuke. (just fyi)

    1. i see. >w<
      thank you for your information :3
      i haven't read/watch kuroko no basuke. >w<
      i think i will watch when i have some spare time. :3

  4. Kimura Ryouhei does a Do-S vampire in an otome game :3 Mukami Kou, if I'm correct

    1. do you mean he is Mukami Kou's seiyuu from Diabolik lovers?
      really? >w<

  5. OMG.... the seiyuus are all so amazing! XD But I can't really imagine Morikubo Showtaro voicing Keith because as I know, Morikubo's voice is somewhat light and playful...? While I imagine Keith's voice to be a little deep....

    Oh, and besides voicing Kise, Kimura also voiced Judal of Magi, Kimata Hayato of Meganebu, Asaba Yuuki of Kimi to Boku if you are famiiliar with one of the series maybe? >.<

    Also, can I post this on tumblr? I'll of course put the source~ :D

    1. hahahaha. XDD~ yes, the seiyuus are amazing <3 hihi~
      aww, you know a lot, more than me. :3 hihi~

      sure ^^~ you can post it as long as you put the source back to this blog. :)

  6. how can I download it ? :(

    1. hello anon ^^~
      go to the blog that i linked, you can find the file there. :)
      they also give the password.

  7. Roberto's voice actor also voices Kise Ryota from Kuroko no Basket if you didn't know yet. Also it's my personal opinion, but I think Zain's voice suits him quite well since he is 28 and he's very masculine.

    1. ahaha, yes idk. >.< i don't read/watch kuroko no basket. >.<
      thank you for telling me ^^~
      hihi~ lol, but his voice is to deep. >.< ahahah. :3
      it's okay, everyone has different taste, ;) hihi~

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  9. Please ... somebody who could understand Japanese .... may i asks you to translate be my princess track 1 please????????? ...... i beg of you :( I'll hope someone could do it ....... .. Please


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