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[review]Celebrity Darling for GREE (iPhone/Android)

Title : Celebrity Darling for GREE
Publisher : Voltage Inc.
Genre : Otome, Dating Sim
Platform : iPhone | Android
Released :  
[JPN] -
[ENG] 13th February 2013
Download :
Official Site :  Voltage Inc.

Story :
The story starts with you as an MC who are working at a shop. Suddenly the shop closed then you become employed. On your way back home, you bumped into someone who you don't know. But then you recognized him as one of the member of famous idol group in Japan. Then you also saw a big live show showing the vocalist of famous band in Japan. You came back home frustrated because of what happened in your life.

Your brother comforted you and encourage you to fulfill your dream. Then, you remembered the day when you had a dream to be a idol when you were young. You determined to give a last chance to follow your dream. After several days, you went to an audition, you tried your best but you failed. When you were thinking to give up, someone who was the judge on the audition before came to you and offered you to join his agency because he found something special on you.

Finally, you came to the agency. You were starting your work as the freshman. Then you met all the famous people, Wave, Jade, Macha, and the famous actors. After that you told by your manager, Mr. Yamada to choose a path, either to be an idol, singer or actress. Here are the beginning of your journey to make your dreams come true.

Game Play :
-. Love Passes : Love Passes used to continue your romance story with your partner. You get 5 Love Passes per day.
-. Strength : You have 100 strength to do Audition. Usually you will use 25 strength to do Audition. But when it's Lucky 24 hours time, you will use 30 strength. For every 3 minutes it will replenished 1 strength.
-. Audition : You can increase your Fans to continue the story by doing Audition alone or with your mate. The bigger your charm is, the bigger chance you have to win the Audition. Once you win, you will obtain Fans and Salary
-. Fans : You need Fans to continue the story.
-. Charm : Sometimes you need to buy clothes, accessory, shoes, or hairstyle for you from Beauty Shop for the mission using Salary or coin, but sometimes you also get those from event gift. Besides the beauty things, you also can increase your charm with the interiors. There are many ways to get the interior, first you buy it from the Interior shops, second you play Furniture Gacha, and the last you get it from the event gift. You also can stylish your character and decorate your room as charming as you want.
-. Mission  : While you having fun with the story, once a while there will be a mission as an challenge. The Mission could be to get enough Fans or buy clothes for you. Some mission also let you to choose your POV route or his POV route.
-. Mates : One of a must in GREE game is to have a mate. If you do Audition with your mate, it will total your charm and your mate's. So it will be easier for you to win the Audition.
-. Gacha Point : Gacha Point used to play BG Gacha. You can get Gacha Points from winning the Audition, Greet your mates, leave message to your friends or gift from the story or event.
-. Furniture Gacha : Play the Furniture Gacha to increase your Status. Usually for each Gacha, it has 3 categories ( Premium, Rare, Normal ) interior items that you will get for completing the list of sheet. This Gacha thing is purely based on luck.
-. Status : Your Status will increase for each completion of gacha items.
-. Salary : Currency that used in this game.
-. Coins : You can purchase the coin using your real money. Coins usually used to buy love pass, strength, etc
-. Lucky 24 Hours : event to get more Fans, Salary and Gacha point. Because if you win the Audition you'll get all of those twice or triplet than the usual.

*as far as Celebrity Darling launched, there's no Lucky 24 Hours yet.

Special Feature :
-. Log in everyday and enjoy daily gifts.
-. Decorate your room with the Celebrity's favorite and they will come to your room.
-. Renovate your room's floor, wall, etc. So far they haven't release one yet. 
-. Play his POV route  for the main story, you will know what's your partner think about.

Screenshots :

                     Log in rewards                                                Style your character

            Decorate your room, he may come !              Choose between his POV of yours

Review :
When the first time Celebrity Darling was released, i was so excited. After i played the prolog, i was really anticipate this game because i know that the story-line must be really interesting and also because of the characters are so hot. ( Especially haru ) Same as the other Voltage's GREE game, there's no music at all. So, i didn't really care about it.

Another thing that makes me more excited besides of the daily login reward is i can play his point of view on the middle of the story. Yes, you can choose between two options, your point of view or his point of view. As long as i am playing this game, i always play his point of view because it's so interesting to know what he's thinking about the MC. 

But, after i played for a while, I realized that the gameplay is very hard. First, It requires high Gacha Point for one spin of Furniture Gacha, i think it's too much compared to Be My Princess or My Sweet Bodyguard. It's too high remembering it's so hard to get the Gacha Point on Celebrity Darling. Next, The missions level increase drastically. My first mission was to bought a cloth prized 18.000 Salary. I was so shocked. It's too expensive.. I was so frustrated because it's the first clothes mission. It's just too much for me. 

After finished the mission, there's another mission with much higher required salary. I became lazy to play Celebrity Darling and lost interest on it because i had to play Auditions for many many weeks to get that number of salary, it's a different story for those who use coins. I prefer to do it by my own then use my money on non-GREE games. Now, i'm playing Be My Princess & My Sweet Bodyguard three or four times a day, but i rarely open Celebrity Darling.

Overall, I'm still thinking whether to continue playing Celebrity Darling or not. I'm waiting the non-gree version to come out although i know it'll be a long long time. For people who will use coins to play GREE, i recommend to play CD, because the story-line is very sweet and interesting. but for non coins user, i don't recommend to play, but if you still want to play, it's a pleasure for Voltage. Just make sure you're patient enough to collect all the salary to finish one character's story

My Score  :
Story : 4/5
Graphic : 5/5
Music & Sound :0/5
Control : 2/5
Gameplay : 2/5
Overall : 2.6/5
Challenge : Hard
Completion Time : -

Tips :
-. If you think you're choosing the wrong answer after you see his reaction, you can reset the stage again by quitting your game before you end the stage. Quit your game then go to Task Manager to exit the application or you can just simply press back button. After that you can re-play the stage again. Remember, you have to close the application before you end the stage !
-. Every 3 minutes it will replenished 1 energy. So for 1 hour you will get 20 strength and it takes 5 hours to refill your energy until full. So per day you can do Guard maximum 19 times. If it's Lucky 24 hours time, you can play maximum 16 times per day.
-. Don't use all Gacha Point and Ender you have, because sometimes Voltage will launch Events where you need to use Ender to complete the missions and you need Gacha Point to get the event items ( since you only can get it at that time, you won't see event's Gacha items at shop )
-. Be friend with the person who has high charm, so there's a higher chance for you to win the Audition.

Character Bios

                                                 Idol Group                                                                                                                       Band

                                          Comedian Group                                                                                                    Actors


*Available characters
Sho Kiriya
Group : Wave
Age : 19
Birth Date : 14th February
Blood Type : A

Haru Shindo
Group : Jade ( Vocalist )
Age : ?
Birth Date : 7th November
Blood Type : ?

Hayato Shiratori
Group : - ( Actor )
Age : 21
Birth Date : 8th August
Blood Type : B

Ryota Miike
Group : Wave
Age : 19
Birthdate : 24th December
Blood Type : B

*not available yet
Kyosuke Nakanishi
Group : Wave
Age : 20
Birth Date : 14th April
Blood Type : O

Natsuki Orihara
Group : Jade ( Guitarist )
Age : ?
Birth Date : 6th June
Blood Type : O


  1. I love this game ♥

    1. hehe, please give lots of love to this game ♥

  2. thanks for sharing....

  3. Saffron Nightshade11 July 2013 at 18:58

    Originally it seemed like you could choose from any of the guys but then they changed Natsuki on there? I like him better than any of the others but seems like it's the ones you mentioned except for him (though there is a place for where his Gacha would be for some reason) Confused...

    1. hello saffron ^^~
      sorry for the late reply anyway.

      i think it's not that they changed it,
      they're still updating the game. :)
      unfortunately natsuki's route is not available yet.
      but you could play his route during the event. :)
      yees, he's so nice & cute in the same time. :D
      sorry, i don't get what you mean with the gacha.
      Could you please explain further? :D
      thank you :)

  4. I agree the gameplay is way too hard and gathering the salary is just a pain, great review ;D

    1. hello anon ^^~
      thank you very much for reading. <3
      yes, for salary mission is not hard as before anymore because voltage launched audition fever so many time with high chance to get high salary.
      (around 400-500 salary each audition)
      but still it's very hard to get the gacha point.
      have a nice day and see you around. ^^

  5. The only downfall to this game, is salary, for sure. Every time I hop in, I'm like, "OH LOOK, 5 LOVE PASSES! HERE I COME, KYOSUKE!!! MISS ME!?" and then I remember, I'm stuck on a mission... I need like, 5k salary, and I doubt I'll get there any time soon.

    Other than that, it's such a wonderful game!

    1. hi Sassie ^^
      yes, i agree. :D
      but now voltage accept our complain & feedback about the mission problem.
      so they often to held a audition fever where you can get 400-500 Salary per audition. :)
      so i guess, it's fair. >w<
      yes, it's a wonderful game. :3

  6. I....I want Toma!!
    Where is Toma?! Q___Q

    Oh and I can't choose Natsuki for the first time o:

    I only have the first 5 boys o:
    I so want Toma!! Q____Q

    1. hello Tamara. T_____T
      i'm so sorry i just notice your comment here. T____T

      I think Natsuki is not available yet..
      and who's Toma anyway? .____.

    2. Toma is one of the Jade's member. The long grey hair one.

    3. ah yes! lol >w<
      thank you for reminding me Bell-san. :3

      and for Tamara-san,
      Toma is not available character to play. :3
      i think he's just supporting character.

  7. It wont let me choose the hairstyles button or any other button in the beauty shop

    1. Hello Miku.
      you should contact GREE for Celebrity Darling for this problem. :)
      explain to them what you're facing and ask them to fix it. :)


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