Wednesday, 1 January 2014

[random]Merry Xmas & Happy New Year 2014!

Ciel and Sebastian - Merry Christmas by DudnxJC
credit : DudnxJC

Hello gals,
whatever you're doing right now or
wherever you are right now,
I just want to say


hope you have a wonderful Christmas ^^~
wish you an endless happiness and blessing <3
and happy holiday with your family/spouse/friends, enjoy~!
God bless you and love you all.

P.S: I'm sorry if I update any walkthrough or else late,
since this is holiday.. so yeah.. i don't need to explain anything more, don't I?
Please give me some time, I'll update it later. 
Thank you for you understanding gals <3
love you! and Happy Holiday!


below is New Year Greeting
please click read more on 1st January. :3

and maybe this is too early,
but whatever.. kekeke~ :3
(i'm afraid later i don't have time to post this, 
so yeah, i post it first)


I hope in 2014, we'll become a better person, more mature and wiser.
Besides, I also hope we'll stay healthy and safe (wherever we are).
I hope we can achieve our dream in 2014.

Then, I hope we can be more close to each other, hehe.. ^^~
I enjoyed my time (in this blog) with you gals. :3
and of course I hope we can spend less money on otome game. lol
There are 2 ways, either we play less or game developer decrease the price of the game, lol. XD~
i wish the 2nd one happen, soon.. hahaha..
after-all, let's be closer in 2014 gals, <3
and i also wish i can spend more time in this blog, hehe ;)

Let's take some minutes to look back to 2013 and do some self-reflection.
If you did great in 2013, in 2014 you should do more and better.
If you did less or you-think-you-did-nothing-good in 2013, let's make 2014 as a start.
The beginning is always the hardest you know. ;)
Write down your goals for 2014 and let's do our best to achieve it! :3

and here's a new year gift from me, :)

credit pic : voltage inc., drhart
edited by : Asano Azusa (me)


  1. Merry Christmas to you too (:
    Oh! There is a new dim dating game out called "Sweet Scandal" :D

    1. thank youu <3
      ah yes! i just install it. >w<
      gonna update it soon :3

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ^^

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too dear <3

  3. Merry Xmast and Happy New Year Azusa-san ^^
    Sorry for being so late =w=
    Thank for your hardwork made a wonderful walkthrough and also made me love this kind of game.

    Please take care of me too next year.....
    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu >.<

    1. yeeyy~ hope you had a great Christmas. ;) hihi~
      you're most welcome Riana. <3
      thank you for your hard-work too ^^~
      you helped me a lot with the walkthrough. >w<

      let's take care each other well. :3 hihi~
      yoroshiku. XD

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Happy New Year Azusa chan!! I wish you the best for this year tht just begun^^ and maybe a real life Mirai Kageyama? \(^w^)/ <3
    I want to give you my thanks too, because even now tht im kinda busy i try to check your blog all i can.Thank you for your hard work!
    For me this year was awful so i hope for a good 2014^^
    So my goals whould be: Have a happy year, lose some weight xD and send a threat to Voltage so they whould lower the price of theyre games xD (Its a joke Voltage don't take my beloved tsundere guys away from me!! >x< )
    Anyway keep up the good job and i wish you the best sweety <3

    1. ahahaha. XD~ thank you very much Miaru-chaaan <3 *hugs & kisses*
      i wish the best for you too ;)
      ahaha, let's see if real life Mirai will appear. XDD~ kekeke~

      you're most welcome dear <3
      ahahaha, XD~ looks like our goals are similar, ahahaha. XDD~
      hope voltage really fulfill your wish :3 and give you more tsundere guys~
      i heard they're releasing another game soon. *wink* hihi~
      thank you so much Miaru-chan <3 you're the best! XOXO


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