Monday, 13 January 2014

[update]Mystical Butterfly-Suzaku- was out!

Hello gals~
another game from KOYONPLETE was out!
apparently I haven't try it yet.
so i'm not really sure with the story-line.
but for the game system, it's same with Seal of Lycoris. :)

SUZAKU -Mystical Butterfly- - screenshot

SUZAKU -Mystical Butterfly- - screenshot

SUZAKU -Mystical Butterfly- - screenshot

honestly, i don't really like their game system (using jewels)
i prefer ticket system the most. >.<
Happy Playing gals~


  1. Yes, I also don't like it, but the cool thing about it is that there is a chat (: Please make a walkthrough for this.

    1. hello the2glams!
      it's been a while. :3 hehe~
      yeah, they just added the new feature. >.<
      but i still don't like it. :(
      anyway, so sorry i can't make the walkthrough. :(
      i don't play this game. :(

  2. The first answer is kantana I believe but I'm pretty sure, and the second is sai, definately

    1. hello Elizabeth-san ^^~
      i'm not doing walkthrough for this game, hehe. :D
      but if you want to share your walkthrough, you can contact me, ^^~
      i will post it on your behalf under your name. :)

  3. I guess I'm not the only one. The art and all that is okay, but the Mc sucks. I know we constantly complain about silly Mcs, but this one is just plain rude. Anyhow, it wasn't really the Mc that turned me off, it was the awful English translation, it hurts my head too much eek...

    1. hahaha, ikr! hahaha, this mc is just totally different, lol. XDD hahah, really?? i didn't play much so i don't really know, i just play 1st free jewel (300 i think) then i delete it it. >.< hahaha, XDD~ glad that i don't force myself to play further. XD

  4. Please make a walkthrough for this! It would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. hello anon, thank you so much for your request. :)
      but i'm so sorry to say that i can't accept your request because i don't play this game. :)
      perhaps you can share if you're playing the game? if you're willing to share, i don't mind to post it in this blog under your name ^^~


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