Friday, 17 January 2014

[extra]Kaoru Kirishima Main Story + Epilogue CG (OTBS)

Main Story 





  1. Replies
    1. hihi. :3 you should play his route. really. >.<

  2. They're so sweet >.< game again....really voltage O.O *sigh*
    is the story really good Azusa? he is like Ren in black hair :3 and also his behaviour is same too

    Maybe i'll try this when i'm waiting BMP updates (not special story) and i'll used your invite ID. why they didn't update BMP's sequel :(

    1. haha~ yes! >.< the MC is a brand new type of MC, lol! i like her so much! XDD~
      yeaah, you know voltage right? they're really sly, lol. >.<
      yes! his personality also looks like Ren. :3 but Ren is more quite than him. :3
      i really like his story though. >.< more than dreamy west and crush trip. >.<

      hehe~ you should try. :3
      anyway, do you play the butler special story? >.<
      thank you so much! i will post the picture one there're enough people use my invite id. :3
      do you mean the 3rd sequel? >.<


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