Saturday, 21 December 2013

[walkthrough]Shinobu Arima Xmas Project (My Contract Marriage)

Arima's Walkthrough
Option that i bold get highest point
(Highest Point : 5 Middle Point : 3 Lowest Point 1)
(AP = Affection Point)

Special Thanks

(I will put the other options if i don't get 5 Point)
(Please help me correct the answers)

-Chapter 1-
I just got here
Just a little while
No problem

-Chapter 5-
It really sets the mood..
It's amazing..!
It's wonderful

Mission : Mission item 01 (100 Platinum or 200 Marriage)

-Chapter 9-
Squeeze his hand
Look at him

Mission : Mission item 02 (200 Platinum or 400 Marriage)

-Chapter 11-
I smile embarrassed
My face reddens
I meet his gaze (3)

Premium Ending :
> 20 AP

Last updated 24 December
*i will keep updating this walkthrough


  1. the answer for chapter 11 is My Face Reddens :)

    1. hello anon,
      thank you very much for the correction ^^~
      and Merry Christmas. :)

  2. chapter 11 is the second one ( my face reddens) and my affect was 20 i got the premium end

    My face reddens

    1. hello Manal, thank you very much ^^~
      Merry Christmas


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