Tuesday, 17 December 2013

[update]Xmas Party Event (BMP for GREE)

Happy Early Christmas gals! :3
I'm glad that voltage release Christmas event!
It's gonna be a wonderful Christmas~ >////<
I hope your days also wonderful ^^~
so, what're you waiting for gals?
Let's have a great Christmas with the Princes. :3

The Event starts :
17th Dec - 27th Dec, 8:00 AM
*yeah, this event has shorter duration compare to others*

1. Who's your prince?
which prince you want to spend your Christmas with
*click the picture for the walkthrough

2. Early Completion Rewards
*haven't announced yet*
You have to complete 3 Princes Happy Ending before
24th December
to get this rewards
*note that this rewards will sent after 1 week the event ends

3. Multi-Route Rewards
these are rewards that you will get for completing the endings.
don't forget to complete both endings to get more rewards,
and complete all endings to get limited-edition BG

Here's a preview if you managed to get all rewards

4. X'mas Party Gacha
*cheers* finally the normal gacha is back! :)
that means i can get Meal from this gacha~
here are some furniture that you can get from this gacha

So, if you get all the furniture,
your room will turn out like this

5. Top 100 Ranking Rewards
*haven't announced yet*


So, what are you waiting for Princesses??
Let's have an amazing Christmas!

*i will keep updating this post


  1. :( is there is way to get all the items from the princes?

  2. Replies
    1. I think you just need a lot of gacha points

    2. Hello Mandy,
      which item do you mean?
      is it rewards item or Furniture Gacha item?
      If it's Furniture Gacha,
      Sherry is right, you need a lot of Gacha Point.
      But if it's reward items..
      I don't think there is another way to get it without play all routes.
      Here're some tips to play the event if you need :

  3. hope this one is better than the halloween event

    1. hello Nurul ^^~
      yes! i hope so too. :3
      but i'm kinda sad that the duration of the event is shorter. :(

    2. Me too :'(
      At least, it has normal Egacha unlike Halloween event

    3. ah yes! that's the important part. :3 hehe~
      i'm also happy this event has normal gacha. :3
      anyway, happy playing ^^~

    4. The event is from 17/12-27/12, so that means that the Lucky 24 comes only once in this event. If there is a Lucky 24

    5. yes. T___T i also hope they will hold L24H. if not then, i might die. lol. XD

    6. every time i only make it to get 5 clothing's i have to choose carefully

    7. all i want is the eye's from Keith and Roberto's dress

    8. ikr! XDD~ i also want Roberto's dress. >w<
      but i don't really like playing Roberto's route. :(
      which prince are you playing right now? Roberto? :)

    9. Doing keith right now then roberto

    10. hehe. :) good luck with the event ^^~


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