Wednesday, 25 December 2013

[update]Sweet Scandal was out!

Hello gals~
Okko/Arithmetic gave us Christmas gift. :3 hihi~
yes! this is their new game called Sweet Scandal.
【Sweet Scandal】dating sims - screenshot

In this game, MC works as reporter and given a task to interview a celebrity.
(the plot looks like Seduced In The Sleepless City by voltage)
hopefully, the story-line is different. :)

so here are the candidates
【Sweet Scandal】dating sims - screenshot

At the moment only Kaito & Yusuke's route available,
Itsuki's route will be coming soon.

so gals, which one of these guy will you choose?
for me, i will do Yusuke first, :3 
and yes i will do the walkthrough. XD~

so please gals, help me with using my Invite ID
(for me to progress faster to do the walkthrough)
Here's my ID :
you will get 100 Platinum if you enter an ID. :3
so feel free to use mine and get 100 Platinum.
thank you gals~
Merry Christmas <3


  1. Replies
    1. happy playing! :3 hihi.
      please tell me about his route after you finished, ;)

  2. I'm in chapter 2 and so far I am really enjoying his route (: He is very rude to the MC lol I like that he isn't trying to win her heart and falling for her so easily (:

    1. i have a feeling that the story in this game is really nice. :3 hehe~
      i'm also in chapter 2, i love Yusuke. >////<
      he reminds me of Ichizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis. XDDD~ hihi

      really? he's rude..? O_O
      from his looks he looks like Saeki from My Forged Wedding.
      looks like very feminist. >w<
      kekeke~ i have to do Kaito next. XDD~ ahahha. :3

  3. I'm playing him next, thanks for the heads up :D

  4. is it free or for every chapters you need to pay?

    1. hello anon, it's free ^^~
      sometimes there's an extra scenario and need to buy coins if you want to read it.
      otherwise, you can just skip it. :)

  5. Wow......just came back from my overseas bussiness trip, and what i got....lot new game O.o
    I hope i can help you with this walkthrough but i'd just played it today =w=
    If you don't mind, i used your ID, Also i'll try to add all player named Azusa who is playing yusuke route to my friends list , just hoping you are one of

    I missed you and your blog Azusa-san >.<

    1. hehe~ this is for welcoming you back. kekeke~ >w<
      ahahaha, it's okay Riana. ;)
      maybe you can help me to correct the walkthrough since i picked lots of wrong answer. T____T
      thank youu~ i haven't check the game yet, will check it soon. ;)
      what's your id name Riana? >w<

      i missed you too. >w<
      i was wondering where've you been because you suddenly disappear. >.<

    2. I'm so sorry...because it's a sudden assignment from my boss -___-'
      as usual, my id is Airin Sakurai ;)
      I have searched using Azusa, and find 2 player with that name. so i add both of them :D

    3. ahahaha. >w< no need to sorry Riana. >w<
      i'm glad that you're back. :3 hihi~

      hehe~ i think i got your request. >w<
      are you playing Yusuke's route as well?

    4. yes....i'm playing Yusuke's route :D

    5. hehe~ you're choosing the right person. XD~
      he's so sweet. (not in the beginning, lol) <3

  6. Azano i'm playing the same route as you
    If you don't mind i would like to help with the walkthrough :)
    What do you think ?

    1. hello~
      yes, everyone is welcomed to contribute the walkthrough ^^~
      just give comment on the walkthrough post. :)
      and thank you very much dear <3
      Happy new year!

  7. hi, about the ID, how im going to used u ID, ;w; still new with this..

    1. hello erika-san ^^~
      when first time you play the game, they'll ask to put an invite ID. :)
      so just put it there. :)
      if you open the game and it leads you to your character page, that means you already passed it. :D

  8. is this game also available in Iphone ..
    I mean I search it on my phone but I can't find it even though I already type the right word ._.'

    1. hello sai,
      sorry it's only available for android. :(

    2. now I see xD haha ~
      thanks for the info & btw I love ur blog it always helps me on some otome games that I've been playing this past month c:

    3. you're most welcome ^^~ <3
      thank you so much for loving this blog, hihi <3
      i'm really happy ^^~ <3

  9. I'm also playing Yusuke's route~ I'm currently playing the 10th chapter, part 2 :3 And I really like the story until now x3 He's suffering so much, I just want to hug him Q^Q
    Well, there was a point when I thought the story is about to end, but this was just the beginning! (/^3^)/

    1. ahaha. yes! i like yusuke's story as well! :3
      me too XDD~ he's just too adorable. :3 hihi~
      i'm glad that you like the story <3
      hahaha. :3 yes it's, it's the climax! XD~

  10. i want to use the ID.. but, i don't know how to use it..
    would you mid to tell me how to use you ID please?? T_T

  11. hello Miyazaki-san ^^~
    when first time you play the game, they'll ask to put an invite ID. :)
    so just put it there. :)
    if you open the game and it leads you to your character page, that means you already passed it.
    and you can't use invite ID :D

  12. Hello Asano :-( plzzzz when will you put horai walkthrough :-( plzz i am counting on you :-D

    1. hello yoyo wada,
      i think i will put Horai's walkthrough..
      please let me breathe for a while hehe.. >.<

  13. Horai route 1-4 i hope you will find her (5point)

  14. 1-4
    That's wonderful (3)
    Does she look like me? (1)
    I hope you will find her (5)

    I'll go with you
    I can't let you do that
    How about tea (1)

    1. For 1-9, the correct answer is I'll go with you

    2. Hello Meirissa, :3
      thanks for the walkthrough. :)
      i believe this is Horai's, gonna post it soon ^^~

  15. 1-11
    I hadn't considered that
    I wanted to help the boy (5)
    I thought I could climb that

  16. Hi this is my code so lets become friend or use it when you started to play this game.. Im new here you know. Heres my code 4tsRk6 :))

  17. I think hoorai is very romantic part >w<

  18. I've finished the whole game long ago. But in the end of the misato route, it says look forward to the continuation, is there really a continuation at all?

  19. My invite code: ne5LkH
    Help and you too ;)


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