Wednesday, 11 December 2013

[random] GEEZ.. Honestly?

After party ended,
Shinobu got really angry without any reason..

my reaction when i read this
what did i do wrong?!
i was just happily talking with my beloved Soji & that Toma guy.

then he continued..

GEEEZ.. Honestly..?
are you trying to hit on me or
are you saying that you are actually jealous??

lol, this guy is so cute..


  1. Haha I know lol, he's a tsundere??? I finished his route, and to be honest, not fulfilling, oh well back to Solmare and PC otome I shall go~

    1. lol, i'm not sure if he's tsundere. XDDD~
      then who's your favorite among those 3? XD~
      kekeke~ i haven't play solmare new games. T_____T
      hopefully i can play it soon.
      happy playing! <3

  2. Which one do you like best ? Toma or Shinobu ? I'm going to finish Soji's route in the next three days or so. And I'm not sure which one I'm playing next.

    I honestly prefer Toma's route. But seeing the scenes above, I think Shinobu's route is funny. LoL

    1. hmmm, i don't really like Toma's route.
      i felt betrayed & broken-heart while playing his route. hahaha.
      but i had to play his route because of his cute little brother. XDD~
      and for Shinobu..
      i haven't finish Shinobu's route yet. >w<
      but i think Shinobu's personality is interesting. :3
      i hope he doesn't disappoint me. XD~

    2. ^^

      Toma has a cute little brother ? o_O Hm.... Still, I think I'll be doing Shinobu's route next. XD

      Do you think they will add another character ? I like this game better than Office Lover. I wish they would add another character. ^^

      I haven't play Vampire Darlings (?). I'm not really into BL. >.< But the reviews mostly said it's a good game. If they don't have any new game or new chara by the end I finish all the routes, I'll probably download it. XD

      But with Solmare's and Voltage's new games, I don't think it will happen soon. LoL

    3. yes! he has one little brother. XD~
      Toma is so protective towards his brother. hahaha. XD~
      ahaha. :3 yeeyy, go for it! :3

      yes! i think they will add another characters.
      In the home-page, there are pictures of 5 characters.
      3 of them are Toma, Soji and Shinobu. :3
      so another 2 characters will be coming i guess. :3

      yeess, me too. XD~
      i like My Contract Marriage better than OL. >w<
      MCM's plot and story-line is much better. :3

      hahaha. XDD~ good luck with it. :3
      i tried it before, but i'm just not really interested with BL.
      so i uninstall it in the end.. .____.
      hahaha. XD~
      don't worry, we still have another games to play. :3

      eh, Solmare just released 4 new games actually. >w<
      and voltage released one. XD~

  3. I was like what in the world is wrong with this guy?

  4. Well .. I finished Shinobu route and i like his route so MUUUUCH ♡
    His personality is my type in games ..hehe XD

    If you like guys who is like him, Im sure you will love his route as me ♡♡
    I will start soji route soon but now i prefer Shinobu route ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

    I don't know if it's just me or not , But his route makes me cry alot Q_Q

    1. kekeke~ i hope his route is not disappointing. :3
      i see. >w< so you're more into bad-ass type?
      Shinobu is not tsundere isn't he? i think he is just bipolar. >w<
      i like Soji more. :3 hehehe~

      hihi, i'm expecting much from Shinobu's route right now. XD~
      anyway, Merry Christmas Rena. :3


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