Monday, 18 February 2013

[review]My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE (iPhone/Android)

Title : My Sweet Bodyguard for GREE
Publisher : Voltage Inc.
Genre : Otome, Dating Sim
Platform : iPhone | Android
Released :  
[JPN] 29 September 2011 
[ENG] 09 November 2012
Download :
Official Site :  Voltage Inc.

Another sweet story-line game from Voltage was coming up. My Sweet Bodyguard is a game where you as the main character ( MC ) who was just an ordinary person but in fact is a Prime Minister daughter and have bodyguards to protect you from dangerous threat from being a Prime Minister daughter. Who doesn't want have a bunch of handsome bodyguards protecting you everyday ? 

Story :
You are an ordinary college student who live alone because you lost your mother and you don't know who's your father. The story began when you're working part-time job at Amusement Park. It was a peaceful day until someone point his gun to you while you becoming a delivery-balloon machine. When that person asked you to follow him, someone who you don't know approach you friendly and one by one the bodyguards come to save you and take you by force to Prime Minister house.

You arrive at Prime Minister house and meet the Prime Minister. Before, you were shocked by a sudden crazy accident at Amusement Park, and now you're shocked to the death after told that you're Prime Minister's daughter. It's unbelievable but it's the fact, your mother left him and hide your father's identity considering his position as Prime Minister. That's the reason why there's an attack today, the information of you as a Prime Minister's daughter leaked. 

After your father leave the room to attend a meeting, the bodyguards come in one by one and introduce themselves to you. Then you are asked to choose one person as your personal bodyguard to protect you for 24/7. Choose your bodyguard and enjoy the exciting life(?) with him. Prepare yourself for the unexpected event that will make you falling in love with the bodyguards more and more ! 

Game Play :
-. Love Ticket : Love Ticket used to continue your romance story with your bodyguard. You get 5 Love Ticket per day.
-. Energy : You have 100 energy to do Guard. Usually you will use 25 energy to do Guard. But when it's Lucky 24 hours time, you will use 30 energy. For every 3 minutes it will replenished 1 energy.

-. Guard : You can increase your Trust to continue the story by doing Guard alone or with your mate. The bigger your charm and your bodyguard's power are, the bigger chance you have to win the Guard. Once you win, you will obtain TrustEnder and Gacha Point.

-. Trust : You need Trust to continue the story.

-. Charm & Bodyguard's Power : Sometimes you need to buy clothes, accessory, shoes, or hairstyle for you and your bodyguard from Beauty Shop for the mission using Ender or coin, but sometimes you also get those from event gift. Besides the beauty things, you also can increase your charm with the interiors. There are many ways to get the interior, first you buy it from the Interior shops, second you play BG Gacha, and the last you get it from the event gift. You also can stylish your character and your bodyguard and decorate your room as charming as you want.
-. Combined Power : Combined Power is a special feature in this game, where you combine your character's charm with bodyguard's power to win the Guard.
-. Mission  : While you having fun with the story, once a while there will be a mission as an challenge. The Mission could be to get enough Trust or buy clothes for you and your bodyguard. Some mission also let you to choose the normal route or the sweet route of the story.
-. Love Tension  : While you're playing the Guards it can increase your love tension so you can go to a date with your bodyguard.
-. Mates : One of a must in GREE game is to have a mate. If you do Guard with your mate, it will total your combined power and your mate's. So it will be easier for you to win the Guard.

-. Gacha Point : Gacha Point used to play BG Gacha. You can get Gacha Points from winning the Guard, Greet your mates, leave message to your friends or gift from the story or event.

-. BG Gacha : Play the BG Gacha to increase your Guard Status. Usually for each Gacha, it has 3 categories ( Normal, Rare, Premium ) interior items that you will get for completing the list of sheet. This Gacha thing is purely based on luck.

-. Guard Status : Your Guard Status will increase for each completion of gacha items.

-. Ender : Currency that used in this game.

-. Coins : You can purchase the coin using your real money. Coins usually used to buy love pass, strength, etc

-. Lucky 24 Hours : event to get more Trust, Ender and Gacha point. Because if you win the Guard you'll get all of those twice or triplet than the usual.

Special Feature :
-. Go to a date with your bodyguard by increasing Love Tension, and he'll give you a gift for every dates.
-. Decorate your room with the Bodyguard's favorite and he'll give you comment about it.
-. Renovate your room's floor, wall, etc. So far they haven't release one yet. 
-. Play the Sweet Route for the main story, it requires more expensive clothes though.

-. More events with your beloved Bodyguard. But don't ever let your guard down because threat comes from everywhere ! You will get an item from each Bodyguards plus CG for completing their Happy Ending Story.

Screenshots :

         Style your character and your bodyguard                                   Go to Date 

                          BG Gacha                                                      Decorate your room !

Review :
For me, MSB has an exciting story-line where the MC is haunted by the terror every second but in the same time she feel grateful because she's protected by a bodyguard. Still, things that i like the most from Voltage's game is always their graphic, from the character, CGs, background, etc. MSB has the same game-play system with BMP overall, so i'm quite familiar when i started the game. I'm still fine with the love pass system, because i'm sure if there's no limitation i will keep playing and abandon everything, yeah.. everything. Anyway, i like the new date system in MSB (Hell yeah i can go to date with my bodyguards !) although i have to wait the love tension until maximum first.

Another thing that i like from MSB is their event. While BMP's celebrating Valentine's event, MSB's event is a trip to hot spring, lol. I must say that actually it's creative. I really like the last event which is the Casino Royale where the MC go to Las Vegas and have fun with the bodyguard. Maybe Voltage purposely launched different event because they know that people will play both of their game ( MSB & BMP ).

For the BG Gacha, it's different with the BMP's Princess Gacha. MSB Gacha is not as complicated as BMP's, but it's very hard to collect the premium gacha, i don't know whether it's indeed very hard or i just have no luck. I wasn't surprise if MSB has no music at all (since it's GREE, i guess ?). And I'm still frustrated with the mission things.. I think Voltage often launch the 24 hours Lucky Hour, but it's still not enough for me. I'm pleased anyway if they will give me coins for free ( i wish ! ). MSB is originally in Japanese, but somehow Voltage managed to give lots of people happiness by translating it to English. I appreciate their kindness for people who can't read Japanese (like me !). So far, it's not bad and understandable.

Last but not least, MSB just released last November, so it's not too late for you to start playing. You haven't miss too many events though, and don't blame me if you become addicted to this game. For your information, this game is free but it's your choice if you want to buy coins use your money, and it also needs internet connection to play. 

My Score  :
Story : 4/5
Graphic :5/5
Music & Sound :0/5
Control : 4/5
Gameplay :3/5
Overall : 3.2/5
Challenge : Medium
Completion Time : -

Tips :
-. If you think you're choosing the wrong answer after you see his reaction, you can reset the stage again by quitting your game before you end the stage. Quit your game then go to Task Manager to exit the application. After that you can re-play the stage again. Remember, you have to close the application before you end the stage ! 
-. Every 3 minutes it will replenished 1 energy. So for 1 hour you will get 20 strength and it takes 5 hours to refill your energy until full. So per day you can do Guard maximum 19 times. If it's Lucky 24 hours time, you can play maximum 16 times per day.
-. Don't use all Gacha Point and Ender you have, because sometimes Voltage will launch Events where you need to use Ender to complete the missions and you need Gacha Point to get the event items ( since you only can get it at that time, you won't see event's Gacha items at shop )
-. Be friend with the person who has high charm, so there's a higher chance for you to win the Guard.

*since the walkthrough are from Kokoro Cafe, you have to register to read it.

Subaru Ichiyanagi 
Assistant Inspector

'The Mr. Perfect'
Age : -
Birthday : 14th September
Blood type : A
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 68 kg
Personality : Bossy and Perfectionist
Skill : Cooking

Sora Hirosue
Police Sergeant

'The Ladies-man'
Age : -
Birthday : 20th July
Blood type : O
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Personality : Cheerful and Easygoing
Skill : Disguise

Kaiji Akizuki
Police Sergeant

'The Hero'
Age : -
Birthday : 12th June
Blood type : B
Height : 177 cm
Weight : 64 kg
Personality : Chivalrous and Kind
Skill : Judo

Mizuki Fujisaki
Police Sergeant

'The Emotionless'
Age : -
Birthday : 18th February
Blood type : AB
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 62 kg
Personality : Laid-back and Calm
Skill : Friends with animal

Daichi Katsuragi
Police Inspector

'The Leader'
Age : -
Birthday : 25th October
Blood type : A
Height : 185 cm
Weight : 70 kg
Personality : Reliable and Caring
Skill : Shooting

Seiji Goto
Assistant Inspector

The Reserved'
Age : 5th March
Birthday : -
Blood type : B
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 72 kg
Personality : Quite
Skill : Undercover Investigation

Event List


  1. Good evening. Is there a way to reset everything? I mean, restart the whole story? Thank you! :)

    1. Hello Diana. ^^
      as far as i know you can reset the story by change to another character then change back to the character you want. :)
      for example you're on Subaru's route and you want to restart the story, so you should change to Sora's route and change back to Subaru's route.
      Anyway, you have to keep in mind that every time you change route, it will reset your trust and you can't go back to your last stage. :)

    2. Hello Diana,
      sorry i will re-correct what i told you.
      you can restart the whole story by just re-chose the character you want.
      for example you're on Subaru's route, so you just can re-choose Subaru.
      No need to choose another character before you choose Subaru. :)
      hope it will help you. ^^~
      don't forget it will reset your trust (not total trust) and will read the story from 1st stage.

  2. Hello somehow my lovepasses won't come back. I started playing yesterday and now it's the next day but I still don't have them. I live in the Netherlands, could that have something to do with it? Cuz now I can't play....

    1. hello anon ^^
      the love passes is restored every morning at 12.00 UTC.
      if you're at Netherlands, it means the timezone is UTC+2.
      So the love pass will replenished after 2pm in your place. :)

    2. Hey just adding little info ^^
      Subaru's birthday : 14th September
      Kaiji's birthday : 12th June --- haha it's yesterday---
      Mizuki's birthday : 18th February
      Sora's birthday : 20th July --- 37 days after Kaiji's---
      Daichi's birthday : 25th October
      Seiji's birthday : 5th March

      I even hear Ishigami's birthday --> 9th September (5 days before Subaru's)

    3. hello Anon ^^~
      thank you very much for the info >w<
      i really appreciate your kindness <3
      hope to see you around.

      anyway, sorry i just reply your comment. ;_;
      i didn't see it coming.

  3. Hello, if I may ask. Is there a way to restart everything? Restart my ender, restart my trust, like make a new profile? ><

    1. hello anon ^^~
      please refer to this post :
      hope this answer is helping ^^

  4. Hello! Could you help me? I can not start the game. I choose a character and a black screen appears and nothing appears!

    1. hello Anon, ^^~
      usually, there's some black screen before the story start.
      have you try to tap the black screen?
      if after you tap on the black screen and still nothing happen,
      you should check on your wi-fi connection.
      if there's nothing to do with the wi-fi connection.
      maybe you should check on compatibility
      (although i'm sure GREE is compatible with most smartphone)
      then, if above solution is not works,
      you should contact GREE and report this problem.
      When you report it, i suggest to include your phone type & OS. :)
      hopefully it'll be solved as soon as possible.
      i'm so sorry if my answer doesn't help. hehe. :D

  5. Only the prologue is free? It is necessary real money to play?

    1. hi Anon ^^~
      all GREE games are free,
      not only prologue, but all of the main story and event story.
      but, sometimes you need to finish a mission to proceed the story.
      i would say that it's not necessary to play with real money.
      but if you're not patient enough to finish the story,
      you might buy GREE coins with real money.
      so i would say that it's depends on you. :)

  6. Saffron Nightshade11 July 2013 at 19:03

    This applies to many games I play but they seem to go by whatever time zone UTC is, do you know what that is? For example I am in Central time, which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time during Daylight Stupid Savings Time and 6 hours behind otherwise...I never know when the game is doing its resetting or whatever...

    1. voltage GREE games using UTC + 0
      does it means your timezone is UTC - 5 ?
      i think it depends, if GREE decided the time is UTC 8.00 am,
      so that means in your place will be 3.00 am?
      i'm not that sure, but usually it will be updated during that time. :D

  7. Hi there, does all Voltage Inc games require Wifi connection ?
    I downloaded and played them at my brother's place a week ago and everything was fine, now that I'm back to Brisbane ( I have no wifi at my place ) I couldn't play them at all, they just went error and closed themselves down ><

    1. hi stephanie ^^~
      ah yes, all gree games require wifi connection. :)
      even though the paid-version also need wifi connection to play. >w<
      have a nice day :)

  8. I cant's see somethings,like the dates and ny room T-T Di you know why?

    1. hello Bri ^^
      do you mean you can't see your own room?
      perhaps you should check your wifi connection. :)

  9. Hello^^

    I was just wondering, how do you change bodyguards?

    1. hello xfairytale ^^
      you can go to Menu >> Change Character >> Click one of the bodyguard image. :D

  10. Hi <3
    Thanks for the tips ~
    I want to re-play de stage I'm playing but I don't know where the task manager is .

    1. hello anon ^^
      you're welcome :3
      if you can't find your task manager.
      just simply press back button. :D
      anyway, this is working for android (samsung,nexus, etc)

  11. Hi there, how do you play Sora/Mizuki's route in the GREE version ? I've finished playing Kaiji's and expected for Sora and Mizuki's route to be unlocked afterwards but seems that I got it wrong .__.

    1. hello Anon ^^
      Mizuki & Sora's route are unlocked from the start..
      so you can choose it directly from change character. :)

  12. I finished one story in My sweet bodyguard. If I choose another story, all my progress in the previous one will be reseted: charm, ender, trust, my room with furniture, clothes? I ask this, so if I want return to my first story I have finished already, I'll see nothing (except photos in the album) as if I not played it?

    1. Hello Eliza ^^~
      regarding your question, please refer to this post:
      if that post still not answering your question,
      please kindly ask again. :D

  13. Hi! Can you tell me, please, what kind of missions are there in the events(My sweet bodyguard)? Are they the same as in the main route (buy clothes, increase trust?)

    1. hello Rebecca ^^~
      yes, the missions are same with the main route's mission. :)

  14. Hello! Can I transfer data to another phone in My sweet bodyguard?

    1. hello Alice ^^~
      have you registered as a member for GREE?
      or you're still registered as a guest?
      if you're registered as member:
      when you install MSB in different device,
      just log in from GREE then your MSB data will be updated. :)
      no worries for the data if you registered as member, because they record it for you.

  15. Hi! I heard that the gree-version stories are different from non-gree. So it is interesting for me to ask your opinion: which stories more interesting?

    1. hello Nancy ^^~
      yes, the stories are different. :)
      sorry, i don't really know about MSB because i don't play MSB non-GREE version. :)
      but for BMP, i prefer the non-GREE version. :)

  16. I didnt register with gree with an email but now i wanna switch devices for my files but dont know how. Do you know if there is a way to do that?

    1. hello Pa Houa Yang ^^
      hmm.. i'm afraid that there's no way to transfer your files without register to GREE.
      so my recommendation is, register as GREE member first before you change to your new device. :)

  17. Hey, can I ask about this event thing ?? As long as I played this game, I never get this special event or whatever it was called.... Well, I like 2 play it, but I juz don't know where to find it.... :'(

    1. hello anon ^^~
      if you just started playing this game recently, don't worry.
      voltage haven't launch any event for My Sweet Bodyguard for quite long time. :D
      when there's an event, usually there's a banner in the TOP page or My page. :)

  18. So it seems that I can't go on my missions because when I try to buy clothes my closet is full. And it is, but I think they're clothes left over from the last character and I cannot delete them. What should I do?

    1. hmm, i think you can delete the other clothes (not the original clothes of the character)
      if you're still confuse, please send me some screen capture. :)

  19. Hello, Azuza. Do you still play this game? I play Gree MSB and I'm almost finishing Kaiji's route.This game is fantastic and I love Kaiji! I was searching for more info about MSB when I found this page yesterday. Everything here is so detailed and well-written! I figured out some stuff by myself and with the help of some of my MSB mates, but checking this page made me learn a lot of new stuff. Thank you and congratulations on doing such an amazing work!
    Have a wonderful day! ^_^

    1. hello anon ^^~
      yes, i'm still playing it, but only during event. :) hehe~
      i stopped playing main route. >.<
      woaahh, you are doing a great job! XD~
      i give up with the last mission. XD hahahaha~

      i'm glad that it's helpful for you :3 hihi~
      sharing is caring, isn't it? >.<
      thank you so much for visiting my blog <3
      have a great day too! <3
      see you around :3

  20. Hi, Azuza, how's it going? I'm posting my name this time. Well, I have a couple questions this time. I heard that the Guards Gift Time happens during events. Does it happen + than once? Also, any ideas when an event will happen? Lucky 24 has been occurring pretty often, could that be a sign of an upcoming event? Once again, thanks for your help and great job! Have a wonderful day ^_^

    1. Hello Susan ^^~
      great! how's it going? :3
      hehe~ cool. :3 hihi~ it's better than calling you anon. >.<
      pardon me? what do you mean by guard gift time? >.<
      sorry but could you please explain to me. hehe. :3
      hmm, for the schedule of event. i'm not really sure though.
      lucky 24 hours always occurs to keep players playing the game i guess. :3
      i'm not sure for MSB, but there's an event coming soon for Be My Princess,
      it's nearby valentine day! ^^~
      you too! thank you so much for your appreciation. :3
      have a wonderful day and see you around. <3

  21. Hi, how do you get gree coins for free?

  22. Hai Azusa,
    I just finisht Kaiji route secret happy ending but i din't get the last gacha (Secret Series) - Sweet Days Together.
    How can I stil get it?

    Thank you alredy ^_^


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